OH look at that!!!!!

I just noticed that YYE changed the banner at the top of the screen for there fifth aniversery
(i was gone for a couple days so thats why i didnt notice tell now)

I think it looks awesome i hope they leave it up for awhile ;D ;D ;D

and it says there doing free shipping on orders of $20 or more (Awesome!) ;D ;D ;D

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This thread made my day xD

It has been that way for a few days now. It looks great, and I love the free shipping. But, it doesn’t top the Xmas design. That was tops, in my opinion. The YYE logo was wearing a santa hat. This is the best looking yo-yo site around. Neat, and feels good, not overly bright and complicated. I hope the free shipping lasts for awhile.

I don’t care about free shipping. :-[

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I feel you bro. :’(

You Mean Christmas?

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Glad it made you feel good

(OH yea double post

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Oh, allow me to clarify. “Xmas” offends some people as it is perceived as an attempt to secularize “Christmas.” These people are often surprised to learn that other people, on occasion, do not share their beliefs. Don’t jostle them. It seldom works out in your best interest.



No. I meant exactly what I wrote.

Look at his sig for clarification.

Derail alert! Derail alert! Differences behind us and back on track.

I appreciate the free shipping and the look of the site. Three cheers for YYE! :wink:

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These feels are also the feels I feel.

I bet YYE keeps the free shipping for a while, so many other stores have it, they gotta step up their game. I said a long time ago that it was crazy i could buy yoyos cheaper from Japan than i could MA simply because of shipping costs. Good job YYE. :slight_smile:

happy 5th anniversary yoyoexpert. appreciate all you do and have done.

thank you for your free shippin’ offer - i appreciate this gesture as a consumer. to say otherwise is bad form.



I definitely appreciate the awesometude for the U.S. customers and genuinely understand why nobody in pretty much any business anywhere can offer free international shipping. :wink:


It is, as you mentioned, very difficult to offer free international shipping. Thank you YYE!

Happy 5th b-day!

Yea it makes me wanna buy something