Happy 5th birthday YYE!

To one if the greatest online yoyo retailers and arguably one of the more influencial yoyoers out there . I thank you for putting in the hard work the last 5 years to make it so many can see your videos and buy the products needed to practice those videos and some making a name for themselves because of a beginning you helped them with.

Thank you André (your wife and rest if your support network as well!) for having a dream and walking it out.

And thank you to your team for helping make the magic happen while you’re away or preoccupied!

Cheers to long and successful future!


I like his baby

I never knew Myself helped start YYE!



Happy 5th!



Happy Birth Day YYE 8)

Hahah :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday to YYE, they live in a warehouse, you act like a Throw Monkey. And you act like ONE too.

Happy Birthday ;D

Here’s to 5 more!

Am I just oblivious, or did they change the logo on the top of the page for the 5th anniversary within the hour?

I think its the same i dont see a difference

happy birthday! :slight_smile:

Yep! Its cool to!

I wonder what the specials are going to be and when they are coming out

Happy Birthday YoYoeXpert.com!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m curious as well. :wink:

Happy birthday, YYE!

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Happy 5th birthday YYE!!!

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Happy birth day AGAIN YYE


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Without YYE my yoyo would now be in the my closet waiting there forever.

Happy birthday yoyo expert!

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I agree I wouldn’t have a yoyo let alone a collection. Thanks YYE for being awesome!

I would be throwing my proyo! LOL.

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Thank The Lord for YYE!