Don't you hate the times you wait for yo yo to ship in?

Have you ever have times that you want something rly bad, but u know that you need to wait for another couple days? yeah that feeling stinks -.-… tears lol do you feel like u wanna just put on a jet engine on ur car and speed to where ever to pick it up? lol idk i made this forum because i think most people agree with me haha WAITING STINKS!! I WANT MY YO YO GRRRRR lol well any way i just ordered a Spyy addiction, and its now shipped xD i can’t wait!!! omg ><

thats why i like this site the package is at my house before i even order it. ;D

It has been twenty-three days since I won an Atmosphere and it still isn’t here. USPS is moving reall slowly.

well, i won $100 from a science fair and the check took a month to get here… but my mom paid for my hatrick until it got there so i could pay her back, and then i won another $200 that i should be getting in a couple weeks that i won over 3 months ago, but i don’t think we need another thread about hate… if you in agony, just play with the throws you have right now, and forget about it.

I do hate waiting in general, but at the same time, YYE has the single most reliable shipping I’ve ever experienced with any retailer - period. They have yet to fail me in knowing the exact day I’ll receive my order. I even had them express ship me something when I had a problem with my order. It was at my house by noon the next day. You can’t beat that.

And actually on that note, if the normal wait time is that unbearable, shell out the extra $10 and do the express ship.

lol my intention was not to make this a hate forum, just to express how i feel about shippings in general, lol but yes yye is awesome in shipping, extremly fast, process all my stuff on the same day. other company/site always takes forever, such as the skateboard i ordered the same day i ordered my current addiction 2, its still not even processed. which is horrible. so i solute to you yoyoexpert!

my yoyos come exactly 2 days after i order. yye is extremely good at shipping. ;D

I wouldn’t use the word hate but I do not like having to wait for a yoyo because I’m waiting for my ministar.

Memorial Day was at the perfect time to slow down everyones’ B-grade’s shipment.

I get too inpatient when waiting for a yoyo, and my case is worse because I don´t live in US so I have to wait it to ship internationally so its more waiting.

so true im waiting for my black/red splash dv888. ughhh makes it that much better when you get it.

thats why my order turn out to be $20 more

lol waiting stinks >< DISLIKE it lol there better xD and ya that tempting to see it, play it, touch it, is very annoying coz that’s all u think, well atlease for me in school thinking is it here yet?! lol

Patience is a virtue.

Let’s say you’re on a nice, wooden roller coaster. It has great, swooping hills, steep plunges, and all sorts of bumps along the way. It has that initial lift hill, that slow skyward climb, before the action begins. If the ride started right away, there would be no excitement leading up to it. You would never be halfway up that hill pooping in your shorts, thinking “this wasn’t such a good idea!”

And that’s how I think of shipping. Shipping is that lift hill, where I can get excited about the little white package coming my way in a day or so.

i hate rollercoaster tho… i’m jk lol haha yeah i agree with u, but i’m talking about that temptation that rly hard to resist lmfao

I hate waiting for BST trades…It seems like I always get the people who take forEVER to get the package out, I always get mine out the day of or the next day when I trade, but I guess other people don’t care as much…

YYE rox for shipping. I hope it only takes like 2 days to get to my house, I want my Superstar and Fiesta!!!

totally agree man, yye = great speed, and lol i know how u feel, like people that takes 1 week, and then finally oh i send it just now today when they promise to send like last week.

Yeah I really hate it. Just about everthing I mail order i hate waiting for…
But Yoyoexpert ships fast. Too bad Belgium customs has my package for 4 days allready… :’(
I’m almost out of strings and my friction stickers are dead :p.

:open_mouth: man those lame customer service stinks bad lol haha but yye seems to have 24/7 O_O lol coz they fix things fast man