yye you have got to get more accurate shipping times Ive made 3 orders from you all the same sipping
I ordered 1 on Monday came on Thursday I ordered 1 on Thursday came next week and I ordered 1 on Friday came today you guys should talk with us priority to make the orders come on time please I had
to go three days with no string I need you guys to help

Mail doesn’t come on Saturday or Sunday. So YoYoExpert can’t control that unless they were to drive to your house themselves… To me, YoYoExpert has the best shipping!

I don’t see the problem… within 3 working days… So the first time, it came in 3 days. The second time, it came 3 days? And the last time was 1 day…

YoyoExpert isnt responsible for the US Postal Service. Once its given to them, its their responsibility to deliver on time. Dont hold the site responsible for it.

Patience is a virtue.

Practice it and stop complaining about stuff that YYE has nothing to do with.

I am sorry that you think that the shipping should be faster. Thing is once YYE gives it to usps then it’s solely their problem. Besides priority is 3-5 days. You seem to be getting it faster than most do.

My question to you is why didn’t you order string before you ran out? Why didn’t you think, I only have 20 strings left. Must go ahead and order.

Seems to me they are shipping it out the same day which is faster than most other stores.

Please think before you start blaming someone for something they have no control over.

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