Issues with Brandonb19 RESOLVED

I really didn’t want to do this. He seems like a good guy, but it’s been 12 days since he supposedly shipped and he said he’d ship priority but I still haven’t received anything from him. He got my package like 2 weeks ago… He won’t reply to my messages and I’ve messaged him the last three days, but nothing. What should I do?

  1. Tell him that he will never trade/buy from him again, 2) tell everyone else not to trade/buy from him again.

It is that simple. If he is going to cheat you, then nobody should be willing to do anything with him. >:(

P.S. I hate these kind of posts. They make me so mad.

I’m still not sure if he really did though is the problem. He has other good feedback and seems like a good guy.

Well, then why did you make this post? Don’t accuse somebody of a crime unless you are positive that the crime was comited by him.

Because I’m stuck not knowing what to do. It’s been 12 days since he supposedly shipped, but he’s never had a negative feedback.

I’m not positive, but I’m stuck.

Did he provide a tracking number? I always send my tracking info when I ship out

Priority always comes with tracking so he should have that number. Given that it’s right around Christmas shipping does take longer though

he didn’t provide a tracking number. and yeah shipping does take longer around christmas, but 12 days? He said he shipped on the 19th

Get the tracking number for him. USPS now provides tracking numbers with all priority shipments. If he’s not responding to your PMs on YYE, look him up on Facebook - you’ve got his full name.

I can believe the wait, though. My brother ordered my Christmas present on the 20th (with 2-day shipping) and it just got here yesterday.

Not sure how old he is, but I’ve heard success stories of contacting the other party’s parents (via a mailed letter) and explaining the situation.

Hey, I ordered a CZM84VK on Black Friday and I did not get it until the 12th or 13th of December. But, the thing is, I got it. It is just because of the time of year.

P.S. Sorry about my previous post, I misread your original post.

I asked him for the tracking number, doubt he will respond though.

That makes me feel a little better.

I don’t have his address still I don’t think… :confused:

Alright I’ll just keep on waiting.
and it’s alright. no harm done.

Then how did you send him some yoyos? :stuck_out_tongue:

I must’ve deleted his PM where he sent me his address.

Ooh you shouldn’t do that until the transaction is complete for this exact reason haha.

right, and ya know, i’ve kept every other PM just in case for that reason, but I slipped up and deleted his instead of another finished transaction -_-

Hopefully it will work out, if not I’m only out an n12 and a couple kks.

Contact Link45116, I am fairly certain they’re buddy-buddy with each other.

Yep, never delete anything related to a trade until it’s done.

Yeah, i hate to make your day worse, but… he outed me $23 dollars, he said that he shipped or was going to ship 3-5 times…

yeah didn’t mean to. :confused: