(Owen) #1

I hate to have to post here and stuff, but I sent him his yoyos like 5 days ago and I’ve heard nothing from him. I’ve PM’d him about 2 times since I shipped and he’s posted since then so I know he got the PM’s, but he hasn’t replied. I just want this resolved. Does anyone know him?


Ok, so Wednesdy, you told me you shipped. I didn’t respond because I felt like I didn’t need to. Then later that day, you asked me if I shipped. I responded that day saying no, but I would soon. I shipped yesterday. I probably should’ve messaged you saying I did so, my apologies.

And since that time, you’ve sent me ONE pm and that was about 10 minutes before you posted this. When I saw it about 30-60 minutes later, I responded back to you. You only waited 10 minutes after asking if I shipped yet before posting this. I can take screenshots to prove it too…

And besides, I didn’t even get YOUR throws yet even though you shipped like 2 days earlier then me, so I don’t see why you have to put up a big fuss and post here.


Andy is super trustworthy don’t worry. He’s very active.

(Rock Shouse) #4

COMMUNICATION GUYS! Come-on…and more than 10 minutes please! Holy crap!
PATIENCE! Give some people 24 hrs to reply or ship, etc…


He asked if I had shipped yet on Wednesday. I said no but that I would probably ship Thursday. He says he shipped Wednesday. I didn’t even get his throws yet, so he has no room to complain here…

Again, he posted this 10 minutes after asking me if I had shipped yet. Once I saw it, I gave him the tracking number, but he hasn’t given me his tracking number yet.


I’ve done a few deals with him. He’s a stand-up guy. Not sure if we’ve done any trades, but he always pays super quick.

(2Sick Joey) #7

People complain too much.


just bought his movitation off him. payed him a couple days ago and its here now so id say you’d have nothing to worry about. he threw in a pack of strings and a free weight too - a breeze of a transaction


All solved. Funny thing though, he got my package before I got his lol