Having communication issues with BenM36

So here’s how the timeline goes.

January 28th, I sent Ben a message asking about his stripped SPYY Amplifier. He messages me back the same day, answering my question. I decide I’d like to buy it, ask for his Paypal, he gives it to me, that’s all good.

I don’t hear from him until 5 days later on February 3rd, sending him multiple messages on the forums

February 3rd, I finally decide to send Ben a message through email asking if he’s shipped yet and for the tracking number and all that stuff. He replies later that day, basically saying he was busy over the weekend and he was sorry for not shipping yet. I’m totally ok with it, I understand that stuff happens.

However, I haven’t heard from him since. Does anybody know Ben? I’d appreciate if somebody could get a hold of him.

I tried to get that amplifier too, and I also had problems with communication.

Did you send him money?

Same here. I bought a bunch of yoyos from him on January 29. Been asking him for shipping since and I’ve only been able to get 1 message from him. He says that he’s busy and “hopefully” would ship by February 8th. Still nothing after I messaged him today and yesterday.

So did you guys pay him for the merchandise or is that still pending on delivery?

I paid him, and I’m waiting for any kind of sign that he shipped what I paid for.

EDIT: Via Paypal, here’s a pic of the Paypal transaction:

Based on the name it appears to be Ben’s mom’s Paypal, not Ben’s

Paid him. Also waiting for a sign that he shipped

I paid him $75 and I think it is his mother

He has an Instagram, but has not been actively posting anything for two weeks.

I wish that the feedback next to a persons name showed whether all the feedback were positive or if there were any negatives/neutrals, just showing all their feedback total is slightly misleading. User in question has multiple non positive feedback and a number of not so positive positives.

I’ve never had a transaction with the user in question so I’m certainly in no position to comment on him as a BSTer or person but I think it’s important for people to actually read some of a user’s feedback when they’re considering a deal with them, as the number next to their name may not necessarily tell the whole story.

Ben is reliable, he’ll come through on his end. Trust me, I know him in person.

Better to go to their profile and see the details. It’s all there.

If someone’s too busy to even ship a few yoyos, I don’t think they should trade at all. I’m sorry but 2 weeks of little to no communication is unacceptable

Can you talk to him then? As Shadow said…

I completely agree. I’m totally OK with the fact that he can’t ship. But if you don’t communicate, that’s where I have a problem.

Yeah he was the first person I ever traded with, he pulls his end of the deal up and on time. Just doesn’t get back to his pm very well :slight_smile:

Im fine also if he can’t ship, we’ve all been there. The problem is that he is taking way too long and he’s not even answering his messages. I understand the unable to ship part, he probably can’t get someone to take him to the post office, however what I don’t get is why he can’t check his messages on a daily or close to daily basis. Does he not understand that real money and real people are involved here? If this was a store and he was the supplier, everyone I know would be all over him but it’s not, it’s just a small community of yoyoers who have patience for this kind of thing. How much patience is unknown but do we really want to test it?

I’ll try

I sent him an email and a message on Facebook, hopefully he sees this and helps everyone out

He’s known to do this (lte shipping and lack of communication.) that’s just the way he’s been.
He will come through for sure.

He ships late sometimes but he always gets it out in the end.