Dunno what BenM36 wishes to do...just figured id warn people


I asked BenM36 if he would be interested in a trade and he said he was if i shipped first and sent me his address. I figured that this was reasonable seeing he had considerable feedback but just to be safe i asked him to send a pic of the yoyo with his username in the frame.
Since then i have sent him multiple messages and he has ignored me(i can see that he has been online since my previous message)
Even though i did not complete the trade i figured id warn people that he might be a scammer as he is so reluctant to send a pic of the yoyo.
Edit: Okay he just messaged and told me i was whinning too much…


ok - so you haven’t done a trade with the guy and thus you haven’t been scammed nor are you able to praise a really good deal. Feedback is not to rag on a guy because he didn’t do the deal or whatever it is you are not happy with.

If and when you actually do a deal with someone, or have solid evidence the guy is a scammer, please feel free to post the results here.


He’s not leaving feedback, he’s giving a general warning just in case.


Yeah, but the board is called “traders feedback”, so there should probably be some feedback in there. This wasn’t even a trade that happened. Judging by the comments made by the OP, he asked for a picture, but never got one because he was “whining too much”, which I personally think is ridiculous of Ben, but it’s hardly something worth posting about.

That said, I say if you’re going to do a trade, you should expect communication from the other person. And the person asks you for a picture, send him a stupid picture. Breaking off a trade because someone is “whining too much” by not responding at all? That’s not cool. Do the trade or don’t do the trade. But, don’t act like someone is bothering you when the trade is going on. What’s THAT about?


I didnt quite get a reason as to why i wasnt supplied a pic… when i had had enough of his ghosting antics i sent him a message saying the deal was off. To that he replied that he was greatful and i was whinning too much. My whining was never stated as the reason of his ghosting

I sent the mod a pm to do what he thought best about this thread a while back…it is still here…


I see…
While that doesn’t admit any sort of guilt that the yoyo was not in the condition as advertised, I suppose it does open up the possibility when the request for a photo is met with silence. I actually think that’s a great message to leave here, but not as a comment about Ben, but rather a comment about trading in general.

Always get a picture. Plain and simple.

Sorry your deal never materialized, but I’m glad you took the precautions to make sure you weren’t getting scammed.


I wish I’d seen this before I made a deal with this guy. BenM36 cannot be trusted. He has my throws and is now ignoring all my messages.


I tried…