RESOLVED: Please help me with blackhops33

Hi everyone, on Thursday February 6th I purchased a yoyo from blackhops33. He said he’d ship the yoyo as soon as payment was made. I made payment and still haven’t received the yoyo. He hasn’t responded to pm’s or emails but he has great feedback. What should I do?


Ugh is this that hatrick?

Yeah man 10 days and nothing :frowning:

Business etiquette says to give people 2 days (48 hours) to respond to messages. If the last message you sent was more than two days ago, I agree you should have heard something by now. Also, if he agreed to ship as soon as payment was made, and you have not received a tracking number, it appears there is a problem.

He only has 7 feedback, and of those 7, in at least two instances, he delayed shipping items. It appears that he made things right in those cases, and people ended up satisfied overall with the trade.

I am hoping that you paid by Paypal (goods and services). If you did, then you’re in luck, you are protected, and you will not lose the money. If I were you, I would give him another four days, and if he does not make contact (it will be 2 weeks), I would file a Paypal claim at that time.

If it gets to that point, and he does not respond to Paypal, Paypal will make note of it, and refund your money. If something terrible has happened that he could not ship, he will understand that you should not be a partner in his misfortune, and you deserved to file and be refunded. Especially, when there has been no communication, and no fulfillment of the initial promise to ship upon payment.

I hope it works out for you.

Thanks, that was my initial idea, to give him two weeks. It would be better if he at least responded and kept me in the loop. I hope everything works out!

Good news, he just messaged me saying it was shipped back to him because he wrote the wrong address. It should arrive now within the next few days.