How long to wait for shipment


Hello, I have a quick question. What, in your opinion, should be the most amount of time I should wait for a person to ship out a yo-yo I purchased on the b/s/t. Today will be two weeks and the communication I receive is sparse in that I only get a delayed pm when I ask whether or not the item has been shipped. I don’t want to be hasty. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


He hasn’t shipped it out yet after two weeks?

How old is he? Can he drive? Is it an issue with getting to the post office?

Can we have a little more info?


I think transportation might be an issue because the person in question is only old enough for a permit. Also, I believe some family issues have hindered things which I can fully understand. The thing is we’ve made a trade before, and I have lower feedback and agreed to ship out first, but wouldn’t be able to until a certain day. He ended up shipping before me which was surprisingly awesome, so that’s why I’ve been a little concerned. Anyway, I just got a pm with a tracking number, so we’ll see what happens when the # goes through on usps.


Hmmmm, he shipped first, you haven’t shipped, and you’re concerned about delivery???


It really depends. I had a deal take over a month to complete, but the seller and myself maintained good communication so I had no worries or concerns. Everything went fine, no issues. It just forever for things to finally properly line up for both of us. I have zero complaints. Once he shipped, I validated the delivery confirmation code(which was immediate) and then made payment as agreed upon. 2 days later it showed up at my door.

Normally, or usually, a day or two to be shipped isn’t something unusual. The most important thing is that both parties maintain good communication.

I just finished a BST deal with Toshiro, who ships often same day. Got to my door on a Wednesday, it shipped on a Monday.

I’m dealing with another guy on BST right now for a couple of items. I’ve paid, I expect to hear notice of shipping by Friday.


That was a previous trade. He shipped first with higher feedback than I had, and the throw got to me the same day I shipped out. I thought it was awesome he had that much faith in me so I made sure to hold up my end by shipping when I said I would.

Anyway, everything is good and been made up for. Quite happy with everything ;D thanks for the feedback fellas!