PCaliyoyos feedback

Just finished a trade with @PCaliyoyos and it all went well. Good communication, good packaging, would gladly trade with again!


glad you had a good experience! i can say the same about Matt here!


Done a trade with @PCaliyoyos recently and have another in the mix. Awesome guy, very thoughtful, great conversation. He packs the throws well, ships fast, and they arrive as described. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business again.


I realized this was labeled as my old username. New user is as shown.


Hey guys traded with Pcali. I would highly recommend . He’s a solid dude with a good heart. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy .


A relevant timeline, take it for what you will.

September 10 - peyton and i start talking about trading

September 13 - we come to an agreement on a trade and exchange addresses. i say i can ship by wednesday (9/16) and that they can wait for me to ship if they prefer. they say “i might be a bit, i need to find a box to ship it in haha”

September 15 - they say they forgot to mention that one of the throws in the trade we agreed on is pretty beat up. i ask for pics, they say they’ll try to take some

September 16 - i ask if they ever got a chance to take pics

September 17 - they say they’ve been doing school work, i ask if we could just do the trade w/ the undamaged yo-yo, they agree

September 18 - i ask if they have an ETA for when they can ship

September 19 - “No I don’t. :frowning: I’ll try to locate a box as soon as possible, we get a lot of packages being a household of 14. :joy:” . I let them know USPS has free boxes that you can wrap in brown paper if you want to ship first class instead of priority and also let them know that I won’t ship until they have a box and are ready to ship the next day since it’s only fair.

September 21 - they respond that they agree that’s fair

October 2 - I ask if they’ve found a box yet. they say no, and that they also found a hairline scratch on the yo-yo i was trading for. i ask if they can send pics of the scratch and say that Staples is very close to their house and they sell boxes, I also mention again that USPS provides boxes for free.

October 8 - I ask if they ever took pictures of the scratch (because i would like to see them before packaging up my end of the trade) and if so could they send them to me and if not, could they take them and send them to me. I also let them know that i’m going to be traveling to my parents place for an extended time on 10/22. I say that I would like us to have both shipped by then and ask them to use the new address for shipping. They say they haven’t and that they don’t have anything to take pictures with (b/c their device was “acting weird”) but they’ll try to borrow something and take them and they also say they’ll try to get a ride to the UPS store because it’s the weekend.

November 5 - i see peyton trading on the forum. i send a bit of a salty message asking if they finally have boxes and the ability to go to USPS. they respond that the trade was local and that they’ll try to find a box as soon as they can and that all their siblings that drive are busy. i say feel free to take their time because i’m on the other side of the country from the yo-yo (i had very limited space and had radio silence from peyton which is why i did not bring the yo-yo). they ask if i’ll be back soon and I say it’ll likely be early January. i ask them to wait because i already waited nearly two months for them to ship. they apologize for taking so long and say they’re kind of dropping out of yo-yo and haven’t been super active. i say that i can understand that and i’ll just reach out when i get back if they prefer since they’re dropping out and that if they don’t respond then i’ll just move on. they say that thank you and that they appreciate that.

December 5 - peyton messages me saying they want to back out of the trade because they “don’t want to wait to trade it”.

so yeah, that’s my trade experience with Peyton. If you’re not local to them and have more feedback, I’d let them ship first.

I apologized like 3 times and I’m still sorry. The last few months of my life have been hectic… As you should be able to tell. If I don’t end up trading it when you’re back, I’ll let you know. I’m sorry you had a bad experience… Even though we didn’t exchange yoyos… :neutral_face:

Please don’t blow up this thread with drama, I don’t need my life being more hectic then it already is. Thank you.

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It’s not drama, it’s my experience trading (or at least, attempting to trade) with you.

To be fair trading feedback posts are for just that. Trading feedback. I am completely amicable and don’t know either of you. In my experience when addresses are traded the deal has been made and you have an obligation to hold up your end. You didn’t do that. I think Isaac’s post was more than fair. He didn’t trash you in any way or even throw you under the bus. He simply stated that he thinks you should ship first given his experience. You stated you apologized three times and would trade with him still if it’s still available when he gets back. Thus you validated his claims to be true. I don’t think this is drama but good information for future traders/buyers/sellers. But what do I know lol just my two cents!!

I think it’s a deal if shipping labels are made but ok, I understand.

Just finished a trade with @PCaliyoyos, everything went very well. He was straightforward with everything and very flexible. 10/10 would trade with again!