Well i'm out 100 bucks


The package that I ordered apparently was delivered already but they can’t tell me which apartment it was delivered to because that would be illegal. So now my only choice is to either forget about it, or knock on everyone’s door asking if they got a package for me.


That’s lame. For $100 bucks I would go around knocking on doors. We can hope it went to a nice person’s house that will give it to you if you tell them what’s in it. :smiley:

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It is the USPS responsibility by law to deliver mail to the person it was supposed to go to. I would do two things.

  1. Go to the main office and explain to them what happened, they may have an answer (or maybe even the package, who knows).

  2. If the main office can’t get it sorted, go to your local post office and tell them exactly what happened as well.

If all else fails: knock on doors, lol.


(knock knock knock) do you have my yoyo? To muggles it’s probably the craziest thing they’ve ever heard… If they had opened it they might not even know how valuable it is and they’ll give it right back.

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what yoyo did you lose?


Won’t really matter will it? I mean which yoyo it was… Not the fact that you lost it. That sucks. But you can try to check at your apartment office… if you have it, maybe someone turned it in there.


Place a notice somewhere everyone in ur neighbourhood goes and hopefully some kind person will return it


hopefully it will be returned

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You should write, email or call the shop who sold you the yoyos first to clarify, next, you should yo to your local post office to check if the shop denied making a mistake. After that, just go to the police to make a report, if the problem has not been solved yet.


Sorry guys for not responding like all day but I have it. It took a little while because I was telling my roommates and everyone kept an eye out for the mail person to show up. When they did they told me. I went out to confront this guy to see if he was the one that delivered packages yesterday and could tell me. I proceeded to ask him and he told me that he didn’t work yesterday. He looked in what he was suppose to deliver and didn’t find it. I told him it was a package I was deeply expecting and asked if he knew of anything I could do, he couldn’t think of anything. He checked the mail-van to be nice and found it between mail carrying boxes. He said he didn’t know why it was registered as “delivered” but he said something to me that makes everything all better; that was “Hey you have it now right!” Weirdly enough he was almost as excited about finding it as I was.
I was so shocked at receiving the package I forgot how to read lol. When I remembered I opened it up and there was my full order YAY. I’ve been playing with my Sparkly blue yoyo pretty much most the day (my finger hurts now), as well as putting my hayabusa SL on a string and playing it 4a lol. I’ll let you know I did not miss a single trapeze throw lol. There is also quite a bit of stuff inside that Hayabusa packaging. I’m loving every bit of this. I’ll Soon let everyone know how well everything works. Maybe if I’m feeling good I’ll throw the haya unstrung. I caught it once earlier today and figured that’s all I’d dare for now.
Thanks to everyone who cared. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it was lost lost.

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Haha I love nice mail-people like that.


AWESOME! Glad you’re loving it!

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Thats awsome imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t said anything!

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phew :o…Luckily you opened your mouth. I wouldn’t want to put $100 in the fire. ;D


I sent my friend a DERT back in the day when they were worth about $300. It was lost for 6 weeks. Then all of a sudden it popped into his mailbox. It made my day when he finally said he got it. The big thing is I didn’t sell it to him. I just gave it to him because he is an awesome friend. Mrsnowboard15 on the other forums. He doesn’t post much anymore but he’s still out there yoyoing.

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Man that sucks BAD!!!