Lost mail (split from edmeister feedback)

I have to say that people should also not be so quick to believe the “it got lost in the mail” excuse. Most Post Office’s - worldwide - get a bad rap overall. It is easy to criticize. Slow mail is one thing; but packages do not just get lost. If they did, no one would use the post office.

If anyone says that it “was lost in the mail” I would simply say “I’ve got delivery confirmation from the post office right here - says it was delivered to your address”. And even if I did not - I would not believe them I would give negative feedback about the fact that PACKAGES DO NOT GET LOST IN THE MAIL. After the second time this excuse was used a pattern would start to be apparent.

As an ebayer who has sent out, like 200+ packages:


Any time you hear that - you should be very suspicious. Get delivery confirmation - is costs an extra 65 cents. Money well spent.

Not trying to be a d-bag, but I’ve ordered merchandise from a store, and the package got lost in transit. The package just stopped tracking. However, if the tracking says “delivered” then it’s definitely shipped.

Huh? It “just stopped tracking”?

I assume the PO gave a full refund of price plus the value of the merchandise. Otherwise, you’ve been scammed. Stuff does not “Just stop tracking” if it started out being tracked - then there are PO procedures for auditing the trail. Either way, if they were tracking it - it was not lost - it was either destroyed or intercepted/stolen. Otherwise there would be a record of it not making it to its destination that would have started an internal investigation by the PO. They are more interested in packages that do not get to their destination than you are.

Actually things do get lost. That is what insurance is for. And also where I live it is 70Cents not 65(trolololol)

The store actually sent me another package. Great customer service! And the post office offers insurance for a reason. Without insurance, lost packages don’t get paid for. Moral of the story? Always get yo’ insurance. It’s like 2 bucks I think for something near the $100 price point?

Yup. Just sent out 200 worth of yoyos the other day and I insured it for about 2 bucks. Well worth it for the peace of mind. Also, you want to always keep the fact that you got insurance a secret.