Beware of USPS

I just got a package this afternoon and packaged by a member in good standing here on the forum…but look at this dam package would you? I cannot believe this!



Please be very careful when you package your beloved throws guys…


Was the yo-yo okay?

I feel you man. Got one from Fed Ex in a bubble envelope…JAMMED through my mail slot…User said it was a Fed Ex employees suggestion to use bubble mailer. 90% of the time its the senders bad packing that does it. That being said, USPS can stand to be a little more cautious I suppose.

OD M1 too…original box crushed but throw ok. NEVER use Fed Ex to ship and always appreciate a well packed and tracked box.


I got 3 packages in a row like that from USPS this summer. I haven’t had anything destroyed lately; but, they’ve been at least a day late on everything I’ve used them for in the last two weeks.

I’ve only seen that kind of thing once, it was actually on a YYE package but it wasn’t damaged enough to hurt the yo-yos.

Yo-yos are pretty tough, at least the metal ones are. You’d have to have crazy package damage to screw up a metal yo-yo packaged in a reasonable way.

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Well I personally think that rockstar missed a golden opportunity. Because before he posted what he should’ve actually done was an unboxing video. Because for as many years as I can remember I’ve been sending packages and receiving packages from all over the world. And a few occasions when I did get something that look like that was that the people would put the item in the box and not put adequate filler material in the box to keep it from collapsing. Now I’m not saying that there was or wasn’t filling material in there with that yo-yo I don’t have x-ray vision. But what I will say from an extensive amount of experience sending packages of all sorts all over the place is that you couldn’t see that kind of damage to a box unless there wasn’t anything in the box that could keep the box from caving in like that.
… that box sure makes a dramatic visual impact. But it really doesn’t impress me too much because that would never happen if the item is packed properly. And anybody by any chance that might read this reply from me; that is been on the receiving end of a sale or trade; they know exactly how I pack things. When I get done taping a box shut; you can run over it with the truck and it wouldn’t cause damage like that. If you fill a box with peanuts or a good quality of bubble wrap And fill it to capacity; you could literally jumped up and down on it and not cause damage like that.
… USPS isn’t perfect no doubt. But I think sometimes they get a bad rap on stuff that’s somewhat out of their control. For example they should be more careful with any package that they handle. But the US PS and everybody else that you might know that sends packages here and there and wants to get them in one piece; will tell you there’s no substitute for a package in an item correctly.
… So your honor; and ladies and gentlemen of the jury; let me close by saying that regardless of what percentage of culpability you want to attach to the USPS; the package would never come out looking like that if it would’ve been prepared properly in the first place.

That isn’t a Postal fail. It looks more like a packing fail.


Sweet jebus pleeeeeeeease don’t fill a box with packing peanuts. I hate those things, they smash up inside to tiny annoying snow particles and they also get everywhere after opening the box and nobody can recycle them either. Ugh. Just… no. No!

That seems fair enough :ok_hand:

Although … most of the yo-yo boxes I get from anyone are filled with, like, bunched up pieces of wrapping paper. I’m also pretty sure every YYE box I’ve ever gotten was not filled with bubble wrap, though … so you might want to call YYE up and let them know they are Doing It Wrong™! I hear they send one or two yo-yo packages out every now and then, too!

Agreed too that that package didn’t have enough filler of some sort. Also that box looks to be pretty thin cardboard, like a shoe box. I like to use boxes that are meant for mailing. Thicker cardboard.



You aren’t too bright; are you.

First of all; what many people send me and what I send people; is a completely different situation.

I’ll type slow so you can understand me.

YYE sends out a Pallet of products; weekly. Most of the products they ship are production items. They obviously understand that over 95+ percent of the items they ship; will get to their destinations without damage of any kind. And they take care of the few items that fail for whatever reason. Their confidence and track record allow them to feel comfortable in shipping with minimal packing material.

Diametrically opposite in nature is what I send to people and receive from people. The yo-yos I send out may not be something I have a spare of; to replace if the first one gets screwed up or lost. Can’t do much about a lost yoyo; it happens. But; I can do something about making an effort to make my package ‘bullet proof’. Because if I send a yoyo to somebody and the box gets destroyed along with a yoyo worth possibly a few hundred bucks. And the guy on the receiving end can easily see I took no time and exerted no effort to keep the yoyo from being destroyed; I am eating rocks!

The reasoning behind how I pack items and how YYE packs items has absolutely nothing in common. You need to keep your brain moving faster than your typing fingers.

So your tendency to be a smarty pants; falls flat in your miserable attempt at low grade wise cracking.

Suggesting I call YYE to suggest they are not doing things right? And mentioning that they send out a few packages now and then?

Just go back up to the top and read my first statement.

Using me for target practice is not the best idea you’ve ever had.

I figured you were both trying to protect the yoyo and make sure it gets to the purchaser intact.

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Eh, it happens in the world of shipping. Whether it’s USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc, they care more about speed than about the safety of your package. I’ve even known guys who have worked for shipping companies, and have been told it’s common practice to throw packages unless there is a “fragile” sticker… and then they throw those harder lol.
All you can hope for is that the contents of your package made it unscathed.


Reading and understanding; a challenge?

Read my post again.

YYE and I have the same mission. You are correct.

But you need to ‘understand’ a critical difference.

YYE sends out MANY packages. And if maybe one a week or one a month gets; smashed, lost, damaged somewhat; the production items are either replaced or refunded. The USPS for the most part; handles packages just fine and they do indeed get mailed safely. So YYE doesn’t bother with packing the heck out of orders because they know it is no necessary in most instances and time consuming.

Ok; now I will give you a different view you may more easily grasp.

I decide to sell one of my Ti Walkers to you. The last thing I want to happen is for it to get lost. Little I can do about that other than clearly address it to you.
… But there is something I can do. I can make every effort to package the Ti Walker as well and padded as possible. Because I am not sending you a yoyo that I am willing to get screwed up. And I am not concerned with the extra time it takes because I am not a Company. And I must provide my own insurance; so to speak.

You can not compare BST trades and sales with YYE packing practices.

Completely different purpose and methodology.

Apology accepted.


The reasoning behind how you and YYE package your shipments has quite a bit in common. It’s okay to be wrong.

Individuals don’t have to pack with an eye towards minimizing the hit on their bottom line. Their balance sheet isn’t affected by how much extra effort or packing material they use to send out one or two yoyos over the course of a few weeks or months. A company that sends many yoyos per day out must take these things into consideration. For such companies, “acceptable losses” is part of doing business.

Individuals, at least honorable ones, prefer to operate under a “no losses at all, ever” policy, at least with regard to those aspect of the packing and shipping process they have any control over. They will go the extra mile every time to try and hit that zero-loss goal because doing so has no meaningful negative impact on them (it’s not a business they are running after all).

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It does not have quite a bit in common.

It has little in common.

Only that we want items to get ‘there’.

They minimize packing and packaging time because they do volume and sell mainly production items that can be replaced if damaged.

I sell or trade items that may not be replaceable. So I have to focus more on making the packages I send; damage proof.

Get it now?

I’ve only been here for like a week and a half and every time I read one of your posts it’s some super long, condescending, pontificating blabber from the tallest of soap boxes.

Just now, you assume I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I deal with this stuff all day long. I never said I didn’t get it, I’m just reciprocating the finger pointing.

From your two mutually exclusive statements that I’ve quoted above, I believe I’ve made my point.

As I said, apology accepted. You’re free to move about the cabin.

Folks. Let’s please lay off the name calling and confrontation. This is a toy forum after all. :slight_smile:

Back on topic please.


I have to admit; that for only having been around here for a week and a half; you are one funny guy🤓

I’m impressed. You figured me out in less than two weeks.

Simply amazing.

Stick around…