Good vs. Bad Packaging?

I’ve always wondered if others feel the same about packaging, I’m the kind of person that likes to take my throw out of it’s package every time before I through it, now I know this could sound crazy, but for some reason I throw better when I picked it up straight from the package.

I’ll tell you what I mean, now I’ve only experienced two types of packaging that is the YYF and C3. (not much I know)

I tried to return my YYF yoyos to its packaging every time after I was done, but then after a while it got hectic and took some time.

while for the C3 packaging, I just love it ! it’s so easy and simple, open put the yoyo, close and put it away! literally.

I know the CLYW packaging is also easy and nice! but I’ve never had the privilege yet!

So, do you guys feel the same way about packaging? do you think it should be just a “one time” thing, or easily reusable? I’m thinking it could be some kind of business so more people buy the yoyo bags?

Once they’re out of the box, they don’t go back in.

My brothers and I all prefer packaging which is good for storage and quick access. Boxes from YYJ, C3, OneDrop, CLYW are all quite ideal. They are just boxes which makes it nice and simple to pull them in and out.

The worst packaging I’ve had was God-Tricks. Tons of foam, but then the yoyo is left in the open so it could get damage whilst being shipped etc. I threw it out because I felt no need to keep it and deemed is a large hassle. Typically my YYF throws stay out as well because I get tired of the packaging. At the same time, however, all of my YYF throws I’ve paid less than $30 for. Same goes for Magic Yoyo.

Another good question to ask: do throws that just sit out see more play than the ones that are left in the packaging? Personally, there is no difference. :wink:

not when throwing no, when sleeping ! ;D but why not ?

This is what I have a display case for.

yess! exactly, storage is very important, I mean I put all my yoyos in one drawer and everytime i open or close I fear they would ding each other haha.

maybe those packaging were a little too big than I can imagine, but I’ve a little problem of keeping all the packaging for EVERYTHING I have xD especially YO YOs !! I’ve packaging of my headphones, laptop, PS3, cologne. literally, everything!

and for me it makes no difference either! that is because those with easy packaging I don’t find it “hassling” to take them out! so it doesn’t matter. I think it just depends on what I feel like throwing at a particular day!

that is what I meant by “business” :wink: it maybe cheap compared to a yoyo, but some can’t afford it, never know!

I don’t ever return my yo-yos to the packaging. But, I pay a lot of attention to yo-yo packaging and I have my favorites. I was going to create a thread about it, but since you beat me to it…

I love what YYF has done with their packaging recently. Not necessarily re-useable to a great extent, but I find that when I open the box from the bottom, I can preserve it. What makes it neat is that the yo-yo is very presentable, exposed somewhat, but I’ve never seen it damaged as a result. There is a second part at the top that can fit a YYF multitool, string, bearing and response. It just looks great when you get this in the mail:

Sorry, I didn’t spend a lot of time on these pics:

The YYF box is more attractive to me than the standard boxes:

I personally prefer a tin, or container, because the packaging can be used to hold small yo-yo parts. It serves a useful purpose after you get the yo-yo, and it provides the yo-yo a lot of protection during shipping. I must say though, it is not the most “attractive” option:

My second favorite is the “pouch,” which looks good and is useful, because you can put a throw in the pouch before it ends up in your pocket or bag. It offers a bit of protection, and looks cool too:

Oxygene packaging is always top notch:

Props to Duncan packaging too. Even though a lot of their packaging gets destroyed before you access the yo-yo, there are times like these, when they always prove to be a cut above most:

Spyy and CLYW know how to give a plain old box a good look:

Plastic box is okay, not too bad, YYJ and C3 are doing that:

In short, my favorite is the tin/container, second the pouch and I prefer a plastic box over a standard box, but there are ways to make those look cool too. Top packaging awards in the attractive category, go to YoyoFactory, Oxygene and Duncan…hands down!


WELL i must say, man you’ve a lot of yoyos xD more than I can ever imagine to have! but I also do care about how the packaging looks even if I’m not going to return the yoyo to it, that is because I like to keep all my packages.

I definitely agree with you towards the making of the yyf boxes, they are very presentable! I also love the pouch and plastic boxes! I wouldn’t know about carton boxes because I never had any, but from the pictures I can tell they are not the best towards presentation. However, I don’t mind the tin ones at all, now that I’ve seen some! they actually don’t seem to bad, and as you mentioned they seem to serve the purpose of protection, easy handling and multiuse for something other than a yoyo if needed!

and ofcourse! thanks for taking the time with pictures and all :smiley: now I have a much better idea on how things would look once they arrive ! much easier for picking next yoyo brand :wink:

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My yoyos just get stacked in draws or on shelfs, in shoe box’s the packaging goes in the recycle or trash.

hmm, I actually use shoe boxes for a lot of stuff, except storing my yoyos xD I should start doing that haha!

The Adegle PSG has some of the best packaging ever, in my opinion.

yes I like those and clyw with the sleeves (puffin, cliff) are the best looking IMO

I honestly prefer the plain box with identification, if it’s being shipped to me. All it REALLY needs to do is protect the stuff inside.

On a shelf, though, I’ll agree with TotalArtist. The YYF boxes are pretty dang classy and do a nice job drawing the eye.

yeahhh!! they actually look pretty neat and attractive… thanks for reminding me I wanted a PSG ;D

I guess I agree about the part that it should protect whatever inside, and most do! but not all can be use for storage, I mean some packages get ripped at the first opening ! which i think is unfortunate haha… but yeah the YYF definitely have their mark!

I’m not playing with the box.

When the KLR dropped, I didn’t go for the wood box, I went with the “regular package”. I don’t need to spend extra for the wood box, which as amazing as they were(so I was told), I ain’t playing with the box.

I am a bit let down with the pre-release HEX being in the typical YYJ plastic hook-hanger box, but I ain’t playing with fancy packaging. I will admit I was VERY let down with the packaging for the Phenom, mostly since the “high dollar throws” seem to have fancier packaging. Again, I’m not playing with the box.

I do keep my boxes for many products, such as CLYW, OD and anything unique. YYJ packaging is so boring, so no need to keep it. This isn’t a knock to YYJ, they are one of my favorite brands.

I think my Corli Prototype shipped in a pair of socks. Odd.

Get the product to me safely is my biggest concern. If bubble wrap will do it, I’ll accept it.

Why keep yo-yo’s in original packages? When you want to resell them, a mint package is an attractive selling point. My manufacturers boxes go into a storage-box so that I can include the original packaging when selling or trading.

This is why I wish YYE carried those great yo-yo cases that a certain website used to sell. The one’s that were made with aluminum poker-chip cases and foam. Big hole in the marketplace when those became unavailable. I wish they would make them available again at a very HighSpeed :slight_smile:

If you really want single yo-yo boxes, look at the yoyoJoker’s packaging. Their spindle-case is awesome for storage and transport. You can get them separately.

I like it when people like CLYW and SPYY use little boxes because it makes them easier to store for those of us without foam-lined suitcases.

The YYF packaging is nice, but no doubt the fancier packaging costs more to produce which I assume would mean YYF having to raise prices slightly to offset the cost…?

Totally agree. It perfectly matches the yoyo shape. I like most tube-shaped yoyo packaging for this reason.

Cardboard boxes, like OneDrop and CLYW do, are nice. Give it an earthy authentic feel. Laser etching or stamps on the box are nice, much classier than stickers.

Don’t much like YYF packaging cause it’s basically double the size of the yoyo. Guess much of the reason for this is so the box can attract attention in Toys R Us and other bricks and mortar stores.

The worst packaging I’ve had is from Chinese brands like Auldey, Aoda and EX-5. They’re giant plastic monstrosities that you often have to cut through to eventually get to the actual yoyo.

This. Glad i picked up a few. And lol at putting yoyos back in their packaging every time. No thanks. Especially for things like YYR which all have the same box, sounds like a nightmare. I suspect the OP will change his method once he owns more than 2 yoyos.

Love the tubes the Wraths came in and also love the simplicity and elegance of the YYR boxes