Packaging: What it means to me

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #1

If it protects the yo it’s perfect. Other than that it just is one more obstacle that must be overcome before getting to the joy of the toy inside. Fancy packaging is pretty much wasted on me but I really find it interesting how important it is to others.

I never, almost never, look at something I’m going to purchase and say “Whoa, awesome packaging.” If anyone would like to split the cost of some yoyos with me let me know. You can have the packaging and I’ll take the yo. :hugs:
(Needless to say, I don’t buy to collect for resale or profit.)


I am sort of with you on this… too much emphasis on unboxing and packaging isn’t great… but I do appreciate good logos and also good art on a box. I don’t collect the boxes per se but good art is indicative of a company who sweats the details, and gets everything else right, too.

CLYW has the optimal balance here.

(ZAC) #3

I am with you on this. I don’t save boxes or anything anyways. I would be cool with just plain box. A free sticker does go a long way with me tho.

(Joshua) #4

I’m my opinion it comes down to why a person purchased a return top. Even if we split purpose into groups of players and collectors the variables are almost too great to consider. For utility in both groups it’s purpose is to protect the product. For the collector the packagings condition is also part of the criteria. The more fragile and fading the more value it will carry. The aesthetic in itself let’s me know the maker give af. It also is a way to uniquely promote the product. Petr’s beast is available to check out at the Slusny shop. The packaging is dope.


Hold on, return top? You’re Canadian?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #6

I really like those plastic cylindrical containers that 2sick uses. Really simple idea that works well with a round sticker, and the container is reusable, especially if you have kids that like collecting trinkets.

(Joshua) #7

I’m Made in Chicago, U.S.A. What about you? “Yoyo” is a registered trademarked which is why there is often a “-“ between yo’s. Yoyo is to return top what Kleenex is to tissue or rollerblade is to in-line skates or thumb is to phalanges. Perhaps this is why
CLYW uses the abbreviation. Although no one knows why Canadians have milk in a bag. Maybe Steve Brown can shed some light on it in depth. Maybe a different thread.



Ah, I see. I’m made in Hong Kong but half British half Chinese… if that makes any sense…

(Joshua) #9

Yes it makes sense. The British had their whole colonization thing going on -“the sun never sets on the British empire”. Although your family heritage I bet is pretty fascinating.

  • my names Josh, nice to meet you. send me a PM


In China milk is stored in bbags


Packaging isn’t overly important to me but I do like to keep the boxes. I much prefer packaging to be made from recyclable materials rather than plastic though


I’d much prefer a plain box (or none at all) and have the manufacturer pass on any potential savings to the consumer.


When I visited family in Hungary a long time ago the milk was in bags too and they had a plastic holder with a handle to put the bag of milk in.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #14

My Milk came in a carton, poured out in a circular chunk. It was a funny way to package a yoyo. I wonder what the extra cost was for the carton.


My milk comes in a jug but pours out in chunks too. I call it chewy milk.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #16

EEEWWWW yuck you can have it! lol

(From the cranky old folks home) #17

I think YYF has had some of the worst examples of difficult to open packaging. The fast and the speed dial come to mind.

IMG_0521_v1 IMG_0514_v1

Of course Duncan hermetically seals their stuff in the plastic bubble packaging.

BC, Anti-Yo and YYJ boxes were the best. The dif-e-yo tin cans are ok, but probably over kill.


Packaging means nothing to me at all. The more fancy it gets, the more inclined I am to keep the boxes, and in the end it is mostly just garbage that I refuse to throw away or see as a value if I ever want to resell. Except for that 2sick plastic thing, as it is actually a useful storage container for random small objects.

(LJ) #19

Werrd had some cool puzzle box packaging on a couple of their yoyos.


I always liked the Dif-e-yo tins, and the Executive box is kinda cool.
Real yo-yos should be crated though, that’s the best!