yyj new boxes

who thinks yoyojam should git new boxes. i’d be willing to pay an extra dollar for better boxes and i’m sure alot of other people would to, if they made boxes like yyf does.

Copy from dryoyo’s New Breed Review?

Their just boxes. I think they’re cool the way they are. You buy the yoyo to play with it. You don’t yoyo with a box at the end of the string. Right?

YYJ doesn’t have the best or coolest packaging, but there are other companies with worse problems. But I’d still like YYJ to come up with something new. And I guess they’ll probably do that sometime.

Not really. He might have got it but now he is putting it in a post, agreeing with DrYoYo and seeing if anyone else does.

I would, it is kinda plain and simple. Yes, it is the original but change is good.

i love how yyf makes costume boxes for there yos it would be awsome if yyj did that.

Do you put a string on your box? I don’t I yoyo with a yoyo not a box.

What? I didn’t get that.

that’s exactly what i did. ;D genius

I think having new boxes isn’t that important. Simplicity is best. Also, if companies are making custom boxes then the prices of yo-yos might go up a little. Remember, it’s the play or duty of something, not the look.

you do have a point there.

Looks do matter though. In terms of yo-yos. ;D

For many people looks don’t matter.

For the company it does. They hire people to design logos for the boxes and the yo-yos. They pay money for “looks”. ;D

For boxes, if they change the look and everything then every yo-yo must have a custom box. That will cost more money and the yo-yo prices will go up due to the cost of customizing boxes.

Then don’t give every yo-yo a customized box.


The Mutant DNA, and the new PGM.

Boxes don’t matter. It’s just a place to keep the yoyo safe from dust or falling on hard surfaces. If you are that worried, buy a case.

Righty-roo?? I’m totally stealing that word. ;D

Don’t you dare!..

I’m warning you! Don’t make me come through your phone jack! :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s asking why is the OP taking so much concern in the boxes. He should be playing with the yoyo, not the yoyo box.

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