Favorite packaging

I like Duncan, the plastic protects and holds everything, but is a little hard to open.

I like the simple boxes that clyw, spyy, od. ;D

The simplex and most minimal the better. I prefer function over form and keep waste to a minimum.

Having said that:

My Duncans and Yomega’s, with the “blister on a card”, are definitely not my favorites. Too much waste. But as they are sold by big box retailers and hung on pegs, there’s a real lack of options to prevent theft.

My YYJ Dark Magic II came in a box just big enough for the yoyo, plus the Speed Bearing. Ideal.

The YYJ lubes: little zip bag. Again, ideal.

My YYF Mighty Flea was cute in the little plastic egg thing, and then in a little felt/fuzz coated bag.

The YYF ONE, and many other YYE throws use a box that is way over-sized. I’d like to see that cut way down.

My Aoda Little Guy came in a metal cylinder with a plastic holder in the bottom and foam padding on the side. Novel, neat, too expensive and too wasteful. The case is large enough for a full or oversized throw, but the Little Guy is like 35mm in diameter or something like that.

As you can tell, I’m all for minimal packaging whenever possible. Since most yoyos will be shipped inside a larger shipping box, most often a priority mail box, over-packaging isn’t so necessary.

The box that the kingyostar hop king comes in is amazing.
The aoda and auldey stuff also come in awesome book sized display boxes.


Simple easy to open boxes. Lol i dont want the box i want the yoyo in side!!


Chico yoyo company. How can you beat a box that comes with bubble wrap! (Not sure if any other yoyo but the XL come with bubble wrap but others had foam which is a plus.)

Chico has incredible packaging! My Del Toro came in an awesome green box. One has to think: if a company spends plenty of time and money on the package alone, the product has had the same attention to detail applied to it as well.

I like crucial packaging, the original milk box (imo) was a really cool idea and from what i’ve seen they still do basically the same thing

I don’t know if they still do, but dif-e-yo sold his yoyos in a little metal can that barly fit the yoyos inside. I really like those a lot. After I took the yoyo out I would have a functional box still, that I use for all kinds of stuff.

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I think dif-e-yo still does. they were selling them in those in metal tins at worlds.

Spyy. White box, sticker.

Hspin Beysick , socks pwn all. O0

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I like the dif-e-yo metal cans.

I have always been a fan of YYF’s boxes. The design is so interesting how it displays the yoyo, holds the yoyo, and has a spot for any extra stuff all at once.

Yeah, great package! Crucial is always cool too.

Anti-Yo with the Business and the shredded up money in the nifty box, has to be the coolest!!!

I like Auldey boxes too. They present the yoyo pretty well.

YYF has great boxes too.


If I walk in to a brick and mortar store that carries yo-yos, the last thing I want to see is the fancy packaging that Duncan and YoYoFactory have. Taking a yo-yo for a test drive is either impossible or a hassle, then you have to pack it back up afterwards. I like YoYoJam’s no-nonsense packaging because it’s see-through and easy to open. SPYY is fine, but it’s not see-through. Haven’t seen many other brands.