Favorite yoyo box/packaging?


some manufactures like to put their yoyos in special boxes or some other packaging concept. Recently, I’ve compiled a list of my Top 10 yoyo boxes/packaging. Places 10 - 6 I already revealed in the last episode of Throwlicious Live:

Now I want to know what boxes and packaging concepts you like. What is your favorite yoyo box/packaging? Did you get a yoyo in a special package that surprised you? What manufacture went above and beyond when it came to package their yoyo, in your opinion?



I’m sure I’m going to take some abuse for this choice, but I adore the Ti5 packaging. I think it’s awesome!! I’ll take some pics if I get a chance. I also really enjoyed the NSCo Quantum packaging, and the sweet box that came with the new Bassline2.

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Yeah… no, the Ti5 packaging was literally the worst packaging i’ve ever seen, especially on a $350 yoyo. Didn’t protect the yoyo, looked so cheap and awkward, and weighed a ton meaning shipping the “box” if you ever traded it was a decently expensive proposition. Bassline 2 box is wonderful, G2 wooden boxes are nice, the General Yo wooden hand turned containers were great, CLYW are nice, ILYY pouches are nice.

Can’t watch the video at work but look forward to viewing it later!

unfortunately, I’ve not seen the Ti5 packaging, so pictures would be appreciated.

Bassline 2 as well as the G2 wooden box are cool, I agree on that. They will appear in Part 2 of my Top 10 list video, too, I give you that much already :slight_smile: And the ILYY pouch was featured already in this video, so I agree there as well.

But the GeneralYo wooden container is something I haven’t seen, yet, either. Again, pictures are appreciated.

Catch 22 case! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

All wooden general yo cases, c22, and sovereign all come to mind.

YYR. Simple, clean, classy and not as flimsy as most paper boxes. YYF paper boxes are great for holding the yoyo securely but the dimensions make it so they can’t be sent in a 4x4x4 box. CLYW art is neat I guess and the box itself is fine, G2 and any other company that uses a simple paper box is fine. I personally don’t care about the boxes that much, I stick them all in a box when I get the yoyo and don’t touch them until I sell/trade the yoyo. If other people didn’t care about the boxes in the BSTs then I would probably just throw them away.

Here are the favorites that I own.

Baseline 2 box, Aftershock box, Lost in the Arctic box, ILYY pouch, OUT pouch

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Some Ti5 pics:


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That picture flatters the Ti5 packaging. Sloppily cut dowels, hot glue, poorly cut piece of particle board, all in a dirty, corroded electrical box. Sticker on top that looks like it was done on a 10 year old inkjet printer. The Bassline2 packaging is exactly what the Ti5 deserved and should have been. The concept was interesting, opening it with a screwdriver and everything, but execution was rough.

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I forgot those wooden G2 boxes exist, they’re really cool looking

I posted some thoughts in an old similar thread.  That thread is worth checking out too.


The only update is that I’m a huge fan of the new YoyoFactory packaging that the Horizon and U.S.A. Space Cowboy came in.  It’s a canister, which protects the throw and can be used for storing small items later.  But, it also has “box-like” features, being made of a heavy cardboard type material. But, it has that engraving feature for logos, and much better appearance than a standard box.  I love those.


I like the new YYF tube packaging they used on the Horizon and Space Cowboy, and the Bass Line 2 is probably the best looking but my favorite overall is the Freehand Mg - nothing like it had really been done before and Duncan put together a great showpiece.

These are probably my favorite - General Yo KLR.


I thought the Milks carton was pretty clever.

YYFs tubes are really just ripoffs of the way Pyros were packaged from day one. Which wasn’t really clever or anything other than something to put a yoyo in to begin with.

Those General-Yo boxes are awesome. Walters box was pretty neat, too, but not nearly as classy as those.

The CLYWs look cool

the General Yo ones are really fantastic. Never got my hands on one of them. Otherwise they would have made it into my top 5 easily. Instead, I had to settle for some others, which make them by no means less spectacular:

Marcus Koh’s Auldey Ares Stars. The packaging is awesome! Way bigger and fancier than anyhring I have seen.

nice one, true. Though I’ve only seen an unopend picture, yet. Does anyone have more pictures of that one? Also, the yoyo looks cool, too.