Good vs. Bad Packaging?

As far as packaging goes, I don’t care, because my yoyos never go back in, with the exception of my Rextreme, which just doesn’t fit anywhere else. I just have an 8-yoyo yoyo bag (I only got five, so it works for now), and just keep them there.

I’ll reply to both, @YoyoGeezer I agree with you on the selling point, that is a very valid reason to save your boxes, but as I mentioned I just have an obsession for packaging in general, not only for yoyos, but for everything: my headphones, cologne, ps3, ipods etc.

@NathanC I (OP) have 6 yoyos :slight_smile: 4 are YYF, one YOMEGA and one C3. Again, the yyf packaging is fancy, but it’s not “daily reusable” material, it gets frustrating, I tried it… but I’ve been returning the Capless to it’s box for a month or so now, and it just doesn’t have any negative impact !

I totally understand that you aren’t interested in the package because you aren’t on a daily interaction with it. yet you still cared for how it looks when you first took a look KNOWING that you may never look at it ever again :wink: you STILL CARE! but seriously, I wasn’t saying for ALL yoyos to put back in packaging, just those who are very easy to handle. And of course, all unique things deserve to be kept :smiley:

HAHA pair of socks ;D made me laugh!

I believe those two may just be the “simplest classiest” packaging of yoyos along with the pouch, on the first page of this forum “TotalArtist” posted a gallery of many different packaging, some actually looking pretty neat!

I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about, but I’ve seen this Duncan package that looks like a pencil case? haha I’d actually like one of these if I get one, maybe I’ll stop using the boxes, IM NOT EVEN SURE IF I’LL STOP! :o haha

I don’t plan on selling or trading over the bst so I don’t keep the package. Although if the box has a sticker on top, like the cafe racer, I take the sticker off and put it on my laptop.

I like YYJ’s packaging, If CLYW’s packaging was plastic I’d like it a bit more, I always found Duncan’s packaging frustrating, YYF’s packaging is a bit too hectic for my taste, but all get the job done, no scratches, nicks, nothing. I always store my boxes and mark them, they have sentimental value to me, its a little reminder of that very exciting day when I got a new yoyo.

EDIT: the YYJ H3X might be kept in its packaging, I like the look of it. But lets see if that packaging is available at BAC or Nats.

never would have guessed it.

I really like the packaging of YYR yoyos. They come with a black, large cardboard box with wool inside to keep your yoyo nice and cozy. For more mainstream companies, I would say YYJ. Nice and modern looking, nothing to get in the way of getting that yoyo out (ahem yoyofactory).

Look for more yoyofactory yoyos to come in this re-usable stackable, wall mountable box later this year.


notice how I said “like” not “love” if there’s any packaging I love its either the PSG sleeves, or the YYJ H3X packaging.

hahaha! yeahh I’ve seen those PSG sleeves they’re actually reallyyy neat!

hold on, WHAT?? wool for my yoyo? I have to get one of these! wish there were shoes as cozy for the winter ;D

EDIT: I just saw a picture! man oh man… yes, I’m getting!

For some reason I’ve always loved the x^3 tubes

Lol yeah wool. Its so fluffy 0.o


A lot of care and thought went into that one.

Been using my Deadly SpINS container for all my spare bearings (each in small resealable baggies). Every other box gets flattened where possible, or just turfed. If I decide to resell, for every person who wants a pristine box, there will be 5 who don’t care. I can handle those (made up just now) odds.

I know right?! it looks amazing, that’s one more to be added to my collection!

I haven’t got myself any D.S yet! I’m thinking of it once I get some money haha. but back to topic, I can definitely agree that when people are look to buy something used, they aren’t looking for the perfect packaging or even the original packaging! but hey, each person has their own collection pref.

This just came in the mail…for those interested in the presentation of the BVM2:

Look at the yo-yo nesting in there like a little birdie…so cute:
Sorry, focus was not on the yo-yo, but the rest of it, as this is about packing :smiley:

woahh! not fancy, but very neat! this is one of the throws on my list, soon to own. :smiley: