Throwing away boxes

I just wanted to start a thread on the topic of throwing away boxes.
I don’t mean to rant about this, however it confuses me as to why someone would open their yoyo and just throw away the box. ???
I understand that yomegas and duncans come in the annoying plastic, however some people throw away nice clyw boxes that are sometimes sold on the bst for $5 each.

Probably because

  1. Not everyone is here to collect
  2. Some people dont plan on selling until they quit
  3. Some people lose them over time
  4. Some people don’t really care about a box
  5. It is a box, unless for a rare yoyo it doesnt add any/much value

I own over 100 throws. If I kept the boxes, my house would be a mess. I’m only a yo-yo hoarder, not a box hoarder too. Some yo-yos come in boxes, some plastic packaging, tins/containers or pouches. A box is the least attractive thing, so when deciding what to keep or toss…it often gets tossed. A tin or pouch is usually a keeper. I keep some boxes but not all of them. Maybe I keep 25% of them. I dedicate a drawer to that kind of stuff. Any more than a drawer worth is clutter. As Dingo stated, there is some thought given to what boxes are keepers, or get tossed.

This is kinda embarrassing, but I still have the packaging from almost every throw I have ever purchased. Be it a Duncan Mosquito, YYF Genesis or CLYW Puffin.

Look for my life soon on an upcoming episode of “Hoarders”. :-[

I only keep the boxes if they seem like worth keeping.

Like the Pyro 3 box for instance

I am a trader for sure, my feedback shows this, so I keep a good number of boxes but I throw away a lot more than I keep. If it is YYF or Duncan, it gets tossed for sure. There is no value to be had there in keeping it. YYR, Vs.Newton, X^3, CLYW, etc…you better keep the box or make sure you ask if you are getting it in a trade. Boxes add value or at least keep that illusion that you are getting a “complete” item.

When I got my septopus, I wanted the box and having it with it for sale was a definite must have part of the item but the big part of that was the brand. Also if the yoyo you are getting isn’t mint then most of the time the box isn’t a big issue, the box only REALLY comes in to play so you can say Mint WITH Box instead of “yeah I got a box for a beat up yoyo”, haha. People would much rather have a mint in the box Kristan kaluza bushman avalanche than a beat up KK avalanche with the box. I even saw one person had the box signed by Kristian and he wanted a separate trade for the box entirely. There are lots of grey areas but it is what it is.

I keep box’s I can use for other stuff like the tubes from H-spins, and dif-e-yo’s.
Other then that I just toss them.
Then again when I trade those yoyos off I rarely send the tubes with them. I only kept them because I had a use for them. So when I trade or sell a yoyo I don’t send it out in the package normally even if I have it.
I also look for yoyos that don’t have box’s and don’t have perfect ano. To me there is no reason to pay extra for that.

Unless it has some type of special container, like a Def-e-yo, I toss the box. My cat likes boxes but I have no use for them.

I keep them. In the event I trade them makes most people happy to get a box. I have almost every box to every toy, yoyo and action figure I have ever bought.

My S.Kon FHZ came in this metal tin with a window ontop

Well, I was kind of joking about “box hoarding,” because at the end of the day, even 100 yo-yo boxes would not take up a ton of room, or even a quarter of one of my closets. Especially, if the boxes are broken down flat for storage. Even yo-yos take up no room at all, so it is almost impossible to hoard them. I’m trying though. :smiley: So, no harm in keeping the boxes, as long as you don’t need the space for other things. I just tend to toss most of them, because I keep most of my yo-yos, and have no intention of ever selling most of them. But, I have dedicated a certain amount of space at home for yo-yo accessories and boxes, and I try to stay within that. On the BST, I am mostly a buyer. I’m a collector type, so I keep a few boxes around, high end brands, or a few random brand boxes just in case.

Hmmm…you collect action figures? I sort of do too. But, a very specialized form of them. I’m worse than you because, not only do I keep the box, I keep the figure in the box. :smiley: There is a closet for those, and a closet for yo-yos. Everything has a place though. Good thing I have enough closets. :smiley: The Rubik’s cubes are in the yo-yo closet. They are small, so they can share. :smiley:

I keep most boxes, YYF YYJ but my Go Big box was damaged so i threw it away…

no, no, I don’t need the space for other things. Of course I’ve recently taken to sleeping in the backseat of my Grand Am.

Grand Am was my first car…it was purple, and I paid $1200. Thing lasted a year and a half. Got my money’s worth. :smiley: Oops…back on topic. :wink:

Me Too; Transformers

I recently started moving my collectible a for cash (market spiked) I keep the non super valuable but sold three for $700 a out a month ago (how I justified buying the Mr. Butcher. I sculpt so I have tons of homemade figures for my desk at work, workbench etc.

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Snap! I collect music related ones. I have some nice McFarlane ones. My most valuable one is Tupac (not a McFarlane). When those figures were made, they didn’t have permission from his estate, so they got pulled. When they got pulled, the price skyrocketed. I had to start specializing within music though, because they take up space in the boxes. I try to buy big names…Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Notorious B.I.G., Enimem, John Lennon, whatever genre…just big names.

Just sold a yoyo, after the payment was sent… the buyer wanted to know if I had the box…

Of course I held onto it. He was pleased

I’ve got most of my yoyo boxes folded up and put into one huge box. It’s just handy to have them around in case I need to sell the throws down the line. Even if it adds no value to the resale, it does at the very least give me some extra protection for the yoyo being shipped.