Do you save your boxes? Do you label your yoyos?

I got a yoyo case for Christmas that holds 30. This is my second case. I hesitate to use them because I want to keep my boxes anyway, and the box identifies the yoyo. So, do you keep your boxes? If you put your yoyos in a case how do you keep them straight?


I keep my boxes in storage.
I don’t need to label my yos…I do own several dozen, but I know what each of them are without needing labels or anything for them.

Also, I display/organize my yoyos by color to simplify and keep things straight.


Any images of the case btw? :smiley:


I saved a couple boxes but I usually throw them away. When I get my collection down to 36 I will probably find a way to label each slot in a 36 case so in the event of an early demise my brother and sister will know what they are looking at when they try to sell them off and don’t just put the case of yoyos on Facebook marketplace for $25.


I keep all the boxes in totes, YoYos that don’t make the case or the shelf also wind up in their boxes in the totes, it’s rather small amout of space.


i keep
them stashed and secured in a dresser drawer. undergarments become a distant memory as the bst commando climbs through the ranks. vessles that contain accoutrements - gifts -
are bagged up together.
all my maintenance tools of the trade organized and accessible here…

my throws are rotated through my cases and displays regularly… labeling to me would be of no benefit. my historical
ledger is meticulously updated with description info, price, provenance, etc. so, in the event i’m whacked by rival
bst mafioso, my family will not only know where it ended, but where to continue…


I keep boutique boxes and anything over $50ish.
I’ve kept a couple of magic and beboo boxes in incase I need to box something for someone in the cheaper range. I put the boxes in a shoe box in a wardrobe. I really should label them, but it’s all still fresh in my mind and the on-box stickers help. I know you can’t really expect to make money or return market value in the secondarys market, but I like to think if you buy an old yo-yo from me it will come with the box and the bits, even strings it originally came as.


I always keep the packaging where the yoyo comes: box, plastic bucket, wood,cloth bag,glass jar or wherever the yoyo comes;)
I keep the boxes in the drawers of my desk, one next to the other, with their corresponding yoyo outside and on top of them:I am more of a player than a collector,I like to have them handy and play with all of them;)


After I sat on the bog and wrote that about my box habits, I did just now think what’s the point of keeping all those bits…
I can’t keep clutter in the house, but I hoard all these bits of boxes?


I recently purged my life of unnecessary box clutter. From collectibles to yoyos, nothing is “just for looking at”.
Nothing is intended to collect dust on a shelf. These dogs will hunt.



Two years ago I was gifted a yoyo in the box it came with. It was a nice, clear plastic YYR box and I thought he was sending me a brand new yoyo. It was pretty exciting. The yoyo was still mint but opening the box made it feel so special.


Boxes are just prisons for yoyos! Burn the boxes set those yoyos free! I actually do keep most boxes but I really don’t know why. I seldom trade or sell a yoyo, I do give them away on occasion. My yoyos are never returned to their former prisons, they’ve done no wrong and don’t deserve to be treated so cruelly.


Yes this, you wouldn’t treat prisoners like this, and you can judge a civilization and a yoyo’er (very broad brush strokes here) I’ll think you’ll agree :rofl:
I will probably still keep them for some inexplicable reason


I usually keep the box. I haven’t had to label my yoyos because most all of them have the factory label on them (this was common practice for the legacy yoyos I mostly own). Those that don’t I know what they are.


Take a pic of each yoyo next to the box it came in. Put said photo in the yoyo box. Put multiple yoyo boxes (containing photos) inside of a larger container… like a shoebox. Place shoebox in closet or under the bed. Problem solved.

When you decide to sell a yoyo or even give it away to someone boxes are the icing on the cake.


When I took possession of Codings’ yoyo collection. I got about 500 yo-yos.

And 1 box.

So… Jeff would go down in the ‘Nah, I don’t save boxes’.


Throw away the boxes. If you’re worried about not being able to identify which yoyos are which, then you have too many yoyos!


If you don’t save boxes and are worried that years later you might forget what the name of a yoyo is you can use a sewing needle to scratch the name onto it. How many of you do this too?

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Two Questions:

  • Two identical yoyos, same condition and price, one with a box and one without a box, which do you choose?

  • How many products can you think of that cost $100 that don’t come in some sort of decent protective packaging/box? What about $50? $20?


The one with a box for sure.