Does anybody keep yoyo boxes for any reason???


Always, sometimes (and strictly sometimes) adds to resale value, some box art are cool, and if you flatten them, they take up almost zero room, so why not?

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


I only keep my OD and CLYW boxes.


I keep them all because I like the look of them, plus is store my old yoyo string in them along with other yoyo odds and ends


I have a one drop gauntlet and top deck box anybody want them?


The KC Agent Tantalizing box is definitely a keeper.


I haven’t heard anything about that yoyo! Really wanted to try it out. How is it!?!

I like to personally keep them for selling and trading purposes. Other than that I keep some of the nicer containers for travel or storage


I keep the boxes.

I resell lots of the yo-yo’s I buy. I try to take care of them so that I can sell them as mint. If you manage to keep it minty - then when you re-sell it, the buyer gets much more of the same feeling you did when you opened it up for the first time. It will not make you more money, but it makes the next owner happier. That is definitely worth keeping the box :slight_smile:

The only boxes I do not keep are YoyoFactory boxes. I have too many - and they are the WORST packaging in the known yo-yo universe. Just a total catastrophe.


Yesh, the packaging from YYF is blehhh.


Sadly, my CLYW Big Dipper box has this weird smell… So I ended up throwing it.


Lol :joy:


I only keep the box of a yoyo that I really like.
I still have a box on my L3.


I keep the nice looking ones just to collect them.


I have to decide which boxes to keep and which ones to throw away, because if I kept them all, I’d be a pack rat. I don’t mind having a ton of yo-yos, don’t get me wrong, but cardboard boxes is altogether different. So, I don’t want to make too much room for them at home. Some of the factors I consider when deciding to keep a box include:

  1. Whether the yo-yo is still in it. :wink:
  2. How nice the packaging looks.
  3. How expensive the yo-yo was.
  4. The likelihood I’d resell the yo-yo someday.
  5. Whether the packaging serves another purpose (decorative, storage…)
  6. The value the box has for others, even if I don’t need or want it.
  7. If it can be stored flat, I might keep it.

Unless the YoyoJam yo-yo is still sitting new in it’s box, the box always goes in the trash. I love the YoyoFactory canisters and hard cases. I purposely make room for them. I might keep a CLYW box, because someone else might want it later, and it’s not too inconvenient to keep it, because they break down easy, and can be stored flat.


I have all.
The most beautiful?
Jazz-yo the Shield, OneDrop Project and Markmont, Crucial Cream (too bad it never failed to have a Milk!) and Clyw Chief

P.S. I hold also by all packaging of shipments with which I received the yoyo … from all over the world, occupying 3 big boxes … I know, I am sick ;D


CLYW’s boxes doesn’t all smell bad right?

Or was it just my Big Dipper’s box?

(InvaderDust) #17

My boxes dont smell… :smiley: just funny to say but true! maybe just the BD’s?

also anyone reading this, Im looking for a Chief and a BvM2 empty box. Ill pay $$!!


I thought they were syrup-scented.