yoyo box

would you guys return a clyw if the box was slightly damaged do to shipping?

No, personally, I would not care about the box. Especially, if it was only “slightly” damaged.


paper boxes are super fragile. Charge it to the game. Imo there’s No reason to return it.

No but I bet CLYW would send you a new box if it really means that much to you and you ask nicely.

As long as the throw is fine I see absolutely no point in returning a clyw over a damaged box.

It’s a box. Boxes are used to protect the yoyo. I guess maybe we should ask for a box for the box. However, if the box for the box got damaged then we’d need a box for the box that the box was in. ::slight_smile:

If the box is important to you, you might try unfolding it and ironing it under low heat, using some mist to make the particles of wood more pliable.


I don’t know man… You might wanna freak out and send it back asap because once that box is worth a bunch of money in a few years, the damage is going to negatively affect its price.

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Did you buy it from us? If so give us a call or send an email and we can ship out a new box for you. If you bought it elsewhere just contact CLYW and i’m sure they won’t mind sending a new box either.

Well I ordered a yoyo one time and the string that came with it was bent ::slight_smile:

OH NO! this is outragious

I don’t get the ridicule in this thread - CLYW throws are expensive and some people collect them. If the box is damaged, the collectible value of the yo-yo goes down. All collectibles are worth more if they are mint in the original packaging, that’s just how collectible markets work. Just because you’re not a collector and the packaging doesn’t bother you, doesn’t mean it’s not a valid question from the OP.

I know it probably offends people to think that there may be a lot of CLYW yo-yos out there that rarely (if ever) get thrown, that live on a shelf to be looked at and admired. Deal with it.


I personally throw away the box when I get a yoyo, but that’s just me, I don’t care about packaging much (though it is nice when there was a lot of thought put into designing the packaging). Just ask whatever store you bought it from or clyw themselves, they should be able to give you a new box

Maybe at one time. I kinda doubt run 10 of AC2s or whatever in common colorway XYZ has a real high collectors value. I’m sure it’ll sit on the BS/T for 30% below retail like all the rest with or without a slightly damaged box.

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The OP didn’t specify, it could have been a WM2 in Maiderade which only had 1 run and now it’s discontinued. Just saying that it’s pretty obnoxious behavior to make fun of someone for wanting a pristine box.

Collecting something doesn’t always have to correlate with it’s price.

Just because something isn’t worth a whole bunch on the market doesn’t take away it’s collectability to the right person.

My chief didn’t come with a box, and I actually went to the bst and bought a box for it since clyw didn’t have any on hand. Some of us like to collect clyws and have the packages. I throw mine, but for my display, the box is part of it.

That being said, if I bought it new, I would try to salvage the box, make it presentable, but as long as the stamped flap was ok, it wouldn’t bug me much. Either way, I can see OP’s point. I’m getting an AC1 and Yeti in the mail soon, and I am a little bothered by the lack of a box, but the throws aren’t mint either, so I’ll probably buy duplicates with the box, or find the boxes at a later date, because I am into the collecting side of things.

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Glad some people get it. Collectors gonna collect :slight_smile:

I play my throws, but I do like having the box.

Straight into my sig, gahahahaha!!!

I collect boxes, so I would certainly consider trying to get a new one. I agree with Chimera on this one for sure.

I don’t like to buy CLYWs from the BST if there is no box.