Beware of USPS

I’ll be the judge of that :smirk:

I think your advice (to use lots of bubble wrap) is fine as long as you aren’t telling people to ship with those accursed packing peanuts. That’d just be evil, man :smiling_imp:

I do not like the peanuts at all; either. They stick to stuff(static wise) , they make a total mess, my cats try to eat them, etc. And that’s just at home.

I work in a large Collision repair facility and they pack everything in either peanuts or bubble wrap.

So…:nerd_face:… I never have to buy bubble wrap.A good thing.

But I constantly have to deal with peanuts; a bad thing.

But if a guy has nothing but peanuts; I would rather deal with a safe yoyo and peanuts than a crushed yoyo wrapped in Crinkled newspaper.

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I got an OD Terrarian and a CLYW Manatee both from USPS this summer and had no trouble with the packaging at all. I haven’t had any trouble with USPS, but I do feel your pain.

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I’ll take the heat here. I have packaged hundreds of yoyos in substantially less sturdy cardboard than that box. I fill them pretty well using a few newspapers. I have never had issues before. This is the only issue of this sort I have ever had. I guess my luck wasn’t good this time. I have personal messaged you Rock.

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What I do is ship people yoyos that I have crudely hand fashioned out of packing peanuts and Elmer’s glue. Kills two :bird:s with one :moyai:

Picture at the top clearly proves that you MUST disassemble a yoyo completely before packing it and sending to another person. Yes, of course, almost 100% manufacturers of high-end yoyos are shipping their products assembled, but in my opinion (maybe not really common) this is… not quite that our beloved toys deserves.

Remember HSpin products, Duncan MG and some others - i liked these a lot, because when you got them and assemble them to one piece, you have a wonderful rewarding feeling that now you really own them. You have to put some effort before you can enjoy your yoyo - this is what made these things so cool and true. Sorry for offtopic.

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Kills two birds with one statue??? :wink:

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As you can imagine we have seen some real USPS horror stories. One of our favorites was the time @yomagic (2Sick) sent us a huge box of Pawns… No joke - we received an ‘empty’ cardboard box taped with a note attached apologizing that the box ripped in transit and they could not locate the shipment.

Months later… Joey from 2Sick found them ‘for auction’ online as part of a lot of items that the USPS ‘lost’ - lol. He managed to get some of them back - but the postal service unfortunately can be rough… Insurance is always a good idea…

We one time shipped a very well padded Bassalope by CLYW. When the customer received it much like the package by the original post - it was pretty clear that something like a fridge had been dropped on it. The axle bent at a 90 degree angle - lol. Nothing would have saved that.

FedEx and UPS are much ‘safer’ - but we will say that while these horror stories do happen with USPS - they are generally still rare and 99% of the time they do a great job. :wink:


And I think it’s important to point out that they are always going to make mistakes. It’s human nature. As the sender, it’s your job to do the best you can to make sure that the product is packaged such that it’s protected for unforeseen circumstances. Can you defend against a fridge falling on it or a truck backing over it? Absolutely not. But, as Andre mentioned, that’s the exception to the rule.

I was buying a bunch of red wigglers (worms) for a worm compost project I was working on with my kids. The packages showed up, twice, just like the box at the beginning of this post. There were worms EVERYWHERE. The ones that lived, anyways. When the company finally sent the third package as a replacement, the local post office called me and told me that there was a box that had arrived with my name on it and no one would touch it. When I showed up at the post office, I could smell it as soon as I walked in. I refused the package and asked for a refund.

According to the company that was shipping me the worms, they package this way all the time and never have problems. I must have just gotten the one driver/handler who was super rough.

Regardless, I agree with Yoyodoc on this point (surprise). When an individual is selling something, he ultimately claims responsibility for that item until it arrives in the hands of the buyer. I don’t own a yoyo company and can’t easily replace the things I sell online. If I don’t want to have any issues, I should probably take the little bit of extra time and perhaps a few extra dollars to make sure that what I’m selling is packaged as nicely as I can so that I don’t have to issue a refund AND lose my item.

Apart from that, it’s just good business. I wouldn’t want to sell something to someone and have them be unhappy with it upon receipt. As far as I can tell, packaging and taking precaution to make sure something arrives as stated in a for sale ad is a part of that process. Most of the throws I’ve seen on here are sold with shipping included. Add a dollar, or two, and make sure it’s packaged properly. I bet the seller won’t mind.


Hey everyone…I’ve been on the forums since 2010 and I have purchased and traded and sold many throws with forum members…I have never had a package arrive like this one did Monday! As a warning to all I posted my package picture just to show newby’s what can happen when you don’t use bubble wrap period! Whether you take the throws apart or ship together in one piece…it CAN happen! BEWARE
That is all…I opened the package an all the throws where there and I don’t believe any where damaged…? Hard to believe when you see my picture…but to usps’s credit they re-tapped the box & put a items missing tag on the box! Fortunately they weren’t lost…
Thank you for the support and understanding…what an awesome group we have here guys…:+1:t3:


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