McCando is a great guy, help him out.

A while back I traded McCando Kao(just McCando on the forum) and USPS lost the package I sent to him. He was very kind about the whole thing, and I still don’t think he even got his yoyos. If you trade with him, do him a favor or help him out, he really deserves it! Thanks buddy!

I also did a deal with him a while back that went very well!

Since you’re the one that had the transaction with him why are you asking others to help him out? I think it’s nice of you to ask but I think you should be involved in some way instead of asking others.

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I have to agree with jhauxfan. If USPS lost something that you were responsible for delivering as your part of the deal, you have a beef with USPS. But, it is your job to compensate the other trader. Then, you deal with the USPS issue on your own. There is a pattern of people on the forum claiming things are lost by USPS, and as a result they feel they have no responsibility to the person they traded with. I think you owe him more than an apology. You should send him cash or yo-yos to make up for your part of the deal. The rest of the community has no duty to make things right for him…you do. I would not have been as kind as he was. I would have given you “another” negative feedback on your record. If you own some yo-yos, send them to him, or return whatever he traded you. That would fix things.

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You definitely should compensate somehow. It sucks to have a package get lost, it happened to me, and I got another yoyo for the user to make up for it.