Yoyoexpert Gift Exchange :)

Well I don’t know if many of you remember, but I organized and executed Secret Santa for the Last 3 years. Someone recently made a thread about having another gift exchange just for the heck of it. Why not!! It was a pretty good success for secret santa and why not just have one to have one. I enjoyed doing this for the previous years.

Please read the thread carefully and if any other questions PM me.

So before we get this started there are going to be a few guidelines that will be followed:

1.) United States Only- I know for many they won’t be able to participate in this but with shipping cost and waiting time, US would be the only efficient option. I apologize but that’s how I did it last year and many agree with me.

2.)Mandatory feedback count- Basically if you have no feedback I’m sorry but you can’t participate. You must have 10 positive feedback or more to be involved with this, unless your a well-known forum member. This is at my discretion and I can allow who I feel can be a part of this. If you have feedback from other Forums that can count as well. This is only for safety precautions and no offense to anyone.

3.)Ship between 2/7/13 and 2/12/13 - Yup, Open shipping so there is more then enough time to ship a package and whoever is in this gift exchange will ship within that time span. Shipping method is up to you but just make sure it gets to your person. Use tracking though so you can provide proof of shipping worst case scenario. Its is preferred to use tracking just in case

4.) Random Drawing- The meaning of this is that I am going to put the names on pieces of paper and randomly pick names that I will pair up. The person you receive for your gift exchange won’t be the same person your getting from.

5.)26 participants-This number is firm and won’t be changing. Basically there are going to be 50 people participating so there will be plenty of opportunities to be involved in this. Its first come, first serve. If you don’t respond in time that the list gets full, sorry but can’t help you.

6.)Gifts-This is one an important aspect. Gifts are at your own discretion and can be anything you please. Of course there is a limit to that. Send a Gift as if you were going to receive it. So at least one yoyo is a must (can be more then one) and any other goodies like strings, bearing, pouches, Hi-chew and other stuff can be included as well. Minimum Price of Gift should be at least $30 at the minimum but can be as extravagant as you please.

PM me with your full address if you want to participate

List of Participants:

  1. Yomagic
  2. cruton
  3. Logi
  4. yoyo2442
  5. Navythrow
  6. CodyKrug
  7. jackbates8
  8. doubleyo7
  9. Benm36
  10. Jeffreyknox
  12. TTTYo
  13. Mello
  14. Dingo54
  15. colej
  16. Slade Riggs
  17. Captain america
  18. Yomartyo
  19. Jcpdx503
  20. Genji
  21. Stickman
  22. Offstring-stewart
  23. Bunin
  24. Stookie
  25. Mx.yoyo
  26. Juliang22
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I’m down. Does $30 seem a bit high to anyone? Perhaps $20?

I think $30 is perfect. But im sure as long as it doesnt go below $15, well be fine

Pm’ed and I like $30. last time people where giving nice yoyos but I didn’t do it.

i also agree that $30 is fair.

wouldn’t want someone to get just a whip or something similar.

I would like to do this.

:). 30 sounds fair, and if we can come to an agreement so I can participate, I already have a gift to give!

Glad to be a part of this. I already have a few ideas for this. :smiley:

When do you ship after the list is full or will there be details.

Once the group of people who are doing it is set, and he has all the names and addresses of all that are participating, he will randomly match up people for exchange(I think for the Christmas one he drew the names out of a hat), then he will PM you the person you are to send your stuff to. so if you’re on the list, you are just waiting until the people participating are finalized for now.

Yay, I’m in.

I wish I had feedback…

your well known(unlike me) you should try.

There should be like a vote at the end to who gave the best gift.

lets get some more people :slight_smile:

Agreed. :slight_smile:

keep em coming

I can’t tell if we need 20, 40, or 50 people.

40 in total is the goal but only have half of total up

Not as many repeat people as I expected from the Secret Santas. Where is everybody!