No more slots :) must ship by 5/17/13!!!

Why wait untill Christmas?

Please PM me if you would like to participate


    Yu must have at least 3 positive feedback to participate
    You must leave feedback, for the person you receive a gift from

    There will be 10 participants

    I will be randomly pairing.

    MUST SHIP BY 5/17/13
    USA only

    Must give at least one yoyo
    Yoyos must sell at least at 25$ retail
    Give yoyos that you would appreciate, for example, if you have a Velocity and a Token, give the token
    Dont just give multiple cheap yoyos, this will not be accepted
    Try to be extravagant, even if that just means throw in a few packs of hi chew because thats all you can afford, thats ok, but remember, THE BETTER THE GIFT THE MORE PEOPLE WILL LIKE YOU
    You can put extras like bags and strings, ETC


  1. Apollo2
  2. xxjohnsonxx
  3. J Singh 2K
  4. Myself
    5)Tuxedo Dave
  5. BenM36
  6. Link45116
    8 )Y0Y0SR2PR0
    9)j Jackbates8
  7. Noahshalabi

J Singh 2K are in

Dingo 54 is in

Hope I get in!

I want in!

Yeah, I don’t think I’m interested. Haha




don’t you all remember this crashing and burning last time there was a gift exchange???

hasn’t that one guy (can’t remember the name but can gravedig and find it some time) not even received his gift yet still???

you all seemed so cautious doing this again and now you’re completely disregarding last time…

just a heads up i guess… there was a LOT of drama from last time

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I don’t think I’d ever do one again. But, to each his own I guess. I wish them the best of luck this time around. Hope it goes well.

I will do the one at Christmas time again, but all these in between ones…I’ll pass. They always end up in Drama even though they are for fun.

I think the feedback should be more than 3, at least 5, but 10 if I had my way

If there was a gift exchange with everyone who has 50+ feedback, it would be killer. Throws coming from some great collections. Maybe I will run one of those sometime. It would be like YYE and YYN combined 50+ only. Make it like $100 value minimum or something big like that.


You should totally do this! That would be amazing, 100$ retail value, nothing beat, everybody with at least 50 feedback.This would keep a minimum amount of people involved, meaning we would have little to no problems, and a lot of happy people.

I am serious though, would you be willing to do this?

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I would definitely do it, but perhaps we should wait until Christmas and give people a chance to save up. At the end of Summer, I’d start taking names of people interested. This is a chance to give away some really awesome stuff, just over the top generous. Just like you said…nothing beat at all. We would all share a list of what we already have, that way, no one is giving you what you already own…we would just make that a rule. People will have to step their game up. I think 50+ is a different level of reliability, and the collections have to be super too. Are you in Dingo? I will feel out some others privately about their interest. As far as I’m concerned…it’s a GO!

Yeah I would totally be in, this sounds amazing. OH and if you want to, I would make a new thread, we are thread jacking :wink: But if you want to wait till summer, to restart this idea, we could just pretend this didn’t happen

I’m in. I love these things

We’ll wait…but this is a must happen. Thread jacking is okay, as long as the OP gets much needed bumps. It is better than him saying, “bump,” like earlier. We’ll leave it alone for now, and hopefully the list for this one fills up, and it goes well.

Ok, time to do massive trading!