YoYoExpert Forum Secret Santa Thread: Ship anytime between now and December 1st

Well I don’t know if many of you remember, but I organized and executed last years’ Secret Santa. It was a pretty good success and its about time to start organizing this years. I enjoyed doing this last year and glad to help continue this tradition. Please read the thread carefully and if any other questions PM me.

So before we get this started there are going to be a few guidelines that will be followed:

1.) United States Only- I know for many they won’t be able to participate in this but with shipping cost and waiting time, US would be the only efficient option. I apologize but that’s how I did it last year and many agree with me.

2.)Mandatory feedback count- Basically if you have no feedback I’m sorry but you cant participate either. You must have 10 positive feedback or more to be involved with this, unless your a well-known forum member. This is at my discretion and I can allow who I feel can be a part of this. If you have feedback from other Forums that can count as well. This is only for safety precautions and no offense to anyone.

3.)Will ship between November 16th and December 1st- Yup, Open shipping so there is more then enough time to ship a package and whoever is in this years Secret Santa will ship within that time span. Shipping method is up to you but just make sure it gets to your Secret Santa. Use tracking though so you can provide proof of shipping worst case scenario. Everyone must use tracking and send me the tracking number via PM when they ship

4.) Random Drawing- The meaning of this is that I am going to put the names on pieces of paper and randomly pick names that I will pair up. The person you receive for your Secret Santa might not be the same person your getting from.

5.)50 participants-This number is firm and won’t be changing. Basically there are going to be 50 people participating so there will be plenty of opportunities to be involved in this. Its first come, first serve. If you don’t respond in time that the list gets full, sorry but can’t help you.

6.)Gifts-This is one an important aspect. Gifts are at your own discretion and can be anything you please. Of course there is a limit to that. Send a Gift as if you were going to receive it. So at least one yoyo is a must (can be more then one) and any other goodies like strings, bearing, pouches, Hi-chew and other stuff can be included as well. Minimum Price of Gift should be at least $20 or more.

When you ship please include a piece of paper with your username so that the person receiving it can know who sent them their Secret Santa gift. DON’T FORGET THIS

List of Participants:

  1. MikeEff
  2. yoyomaverick
  3. Proboscis
  4. Titanium221
  5. Yomagic (Me of course lol)
  6. Slowyojoe
  7. Mullicabob (Offering a free Powdercoat job as gift, if you receive him you would send him a throw to be powdercoated for free. Only a solid color or translucent coat)
  8. Maranellokid
  9. BenM36
  10. Rdeleon975
  11. Jake Elliott
  12. Slade Riggs
  13. JohnnyJ
  14. Mr.yoyoguy
  15. d42kn355
  16. Big yoyo
  17. yoyospirit
  18. Preinfalk
  19. Kdbams
  20. ShaunC
  21. Baerinatux
  22. robbieG123
  23. Supreh1234
  24. Fellavader
  25. Mx.yoyo
  26. Yoyomasterjr
  27. ColeJ
  28. Magicman21
  29. Offstring-stewart
  30. Mgiroux77
  31. coffelt
  32. Brian2002 (coffelt’s son)
  33. Totalartist
  34. Jasonwongzero
  35. Sparhawk
  36. Troy(oyo
  37. Treebarktrevor
  38. vegabomb
  39. Yoyoavenger
  40. Avandar
  41. Linkslegionaire
  42. Qwertyo
  43. ElendilAndurilz
  44. oldyoyograndma
  45. Stillinkansascity
  46. Nivo
  47. Stephosh
  48. Jack Shaw
  49. Nicholi2789
  50. Yomartyo

Enjoy! Happy Holidays

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I’m in, I’ll try to stay out of trouble this year :wink: And maybe one of the rules should be everyone ships priority mail with tracking and the send the tracking numbers to you?

I would also say something about price, like the contents should be worth at least $XX.XX amount, so that way no one gets a lemon. Somone could say send more then that minimum, but at least it has to be worth that amount.

Wasn’t it at least $20.00 last year?

updated it a little…dont forget to PM me if you want to join this

Someone will be happy if they get me as their Secret Santa. ;D

I don’t often post things, and I am comparably new to this forum(and yoyoing in general), but it is little things like this that make me so glad that I both picked a yoyo a bit more seriously and also that I joined this forum. I think this is a fantastic idea, and look forward to having a trade count sufficient to participate next time around. You know, some people in the wider world seem to think the idea of ‘community’ is dead, really good to see otherwise. I apologize in advance if I shouldn’t have posted this here, and feel free to delete…

I am down.

Any posting on this thread is cool…wish you had the feedback count :confused: Remember to PM me if you want to participate.

Dang, don’t have the feedback needed…

With people with lower then 10 trade count, how do you think we should do it? Should we allow them to participate (at my discretion) and require them to send me Tracking when they ship or not allow them to participate?

Any input is helpful

If you dont PM me your address, you dont get added on the list

Definitely the first one.
I might be a little biased though… :smiley:

I said let them join if they have say 5 feedback? It’s too risky to have someone with 0. Have them send a tracking no. to you if they have 5. 5 may be too much still, it’s up to you.

Oh shoot…Why did that post 3 times? My bad.

haha, I was like"Wait, what?"

I’m in! I meet all the requirements this year!

I say you must have at least 5, and you have to have a tracking number, anyone 10 and over is good to go.


I only have 7 feedback but could I still participate?

My $.02 -

Trader feedback should defiantly matter. However, I feel like ten feedback is a little high - five is a better number to shoot for.

Concerning people without feedback - These people should be looked at on a case by case basis. There are some people on this forum who have no feedback, but still are excellent and trustworthy member of the YYE community. Just because they haven’t engaged in a trade before doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be involved in the secret santa event.

You probably wouldn’t want to throw someone with 50 posts into the mix, but someone with hundreds of well written posts should be considered.

I’ve never participated in a trade but am around the forums alot and would consider myself a trustworthy person. I have two pending offers also, as of now.Can I participate?