3rd Annual YYE Secret Santa! All spots filled: Ship between 11/13-11/20

Here it is again! The 3rd Annual Yomagic’s YYE Secret Santa ;D

I’ve organized the Secret Santa three years in a row (2 here and the 1st on YYN) and now this is the 3rd Secret Santa I’m organizing here. It was a pretty good success and its about time to start organizing this years. I enjoyed doing this the previous years and glad to help continue this tradition. Please read the thread carefully and if any other questions PM me.

[b]When you PM me saying you want to join. Use this format. If isn’t in the format you wont be going on the list. I’m serious :o


Real name
city, State (in the two letter representation) Zip Code[/b]

So before we get this started there are going to be a few guidelines that will be followed:

1.) United States Only- I know for many they won’t be able to participate in this but with shipping cost and waiting time, US would be the only efficient option. I apologize but that’s how I did it last year and many agree with me.

2.)Mandatory feedback count- Basically if you have no feedback I’m sorry but you cant participate either. You must have 10 positive feedback or more to be involved with this, unless your a well-known forum member. If you are not in the proper feedback and feel like you are worthy of being accepted in PM me. This is at my discretion and I can allow who I feel can be a part of this. If you have feedback from other Forums that can count as well. This is only for safety precautions and no offense to anyone.

3.)Will ship when I designate the shipping dates- Open shipping so there is more then enough time to ship a package and whoever is in this years Secret Santa will ship within that time span. Shipping method is up to you but just make sure it gets to your Secret Santa. Use tracking though so you can provide proof of shipping worst case scenario. Everyone must use tracking and send me the tracking number via PM when they ship

4.) Random Drawing- The meaning of this is that I am going to put the names on pieces of paper and randomly pick names that I will pair up. The person you receive for your Secret Santa might not be the same person your getting from.

5.)50 participants-This number is pretty firm. Basically there are going to be 50 people participating so there will be plenty of opportunities to be involved in this. Its first come, first serve. If you don’t respond in time that the list gets full then you waited too long.

6.)Gifts-This one is an important aspect. Gifts are at your own discretion and can be anything you please. Of course there is a limit to that. Send a Gift as if you were going to receive it. So at least one yoyo is a must (can be more then one) and any other goodies like strings, bearing, pouches, Hi-chew and other stuff can be included as well. Minimum Price of Gift should be at least $30 or more. Remember this is the season of giving. Give a gift in which you would be happy to receive!

When you ship please include a piece of paper with your username so that the person receiving it can know who sent them their Secret Santa gift.

List of Participants:

  1. Yomagic
  2. J Singh 2k
  3. Burdger
  4. Proboscis
  5. G2 Jake
  6. YoyoJoe
  7. Bcmaddog
  8. Kclejeune
  9. Coffelt
  10. Brian2002
  11. Andy569
  13. SlimJoe
  14. Navythrow
  15. BenM36
  16. RGTproyoyo
  17. Mynameisjoey
  18. Modman10
  19. Waterfiredude
  20. Vicvonboom
  21. Jake Elliot
  22. TTTyo
  23. Alex Fairhurst
  24. Sparhawk
  25. Northstarrocks
  26. yoyomaverick
  27. BENBOD360
  28. Mordo613
  29. MattB
  31. Adam Brewster
  32. Dizzo
  33. Yoyo2442
  34. ColeJ
  35. Apollo2
  36. yoyoavenger
  37. d34kn355
  38. Myself
  39. Link45116
  40. yoyospirit
  41. kulaznoodle
  42. Josh Yee
  43. Sanchez202
  44. someone
  45. Doubleyo7
  46. Waylon
  47. Mannix
  48. Snafu
  49. Moefv
  50. Elluzion

I’m in!

I’m in.

I think I’m in!

Edit: I have a ton of feedback on yyn! Does that count?

I think i will try this :smiley:

Stephen PM me

Super excited :slight_smile:

First timer here so I am the excited one hahahaha!

40 spots left!

I’m in! And I know exactly what I’m giving, it’s a good one :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, I might do this…

I’m in and super excited as well!
I love the yoyo community, so I’m ready to go pretty far with giving! ;D

The giving spirit is always nice!

Just to get people excited, I will share what I got last year:
-MFD Buff
-Yoyo Cozy

Made my day when it arrived as a surprise.

If you’re saying “I might do this”, don’t do that. Just do it! You won’t regret it :slight_smile:


I’m down. Sign me up. :smiley:

I wish I got a cascade last year, but anyway, I just don’t have anything to give, well, besides CLYW…

You know I’m in! PM sent.

Had a lot of fun last year buying little small things to go with my yoyo to make the gift more personal.

I once got 5 copies of oceans eleven, a agape, and a foxtail. Best present ever!

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Count me in.

If people want to be in make sure you PM me your address in the format listed! I won’t be writing anyone in who hasn’t PM’d their address