4th Annual YoYoExpert Forum Secret Santa! Adresses Sent: Ship 12/7 to 12/14

Here it is again! The 5th Annual YYE Secret Santa

It may not feel like it but, Christmas is around the corner. ;D

I’ve organized the Secret Santa 4 years in a row here on the YoYoexpert Forums. It has been a good success with many looking forward to it every year. It’s about time to start organizing this years. I enjoyed doing this the previous years and glad to help continue this tradition.

Please read the thread carefully and if any other questions PM me.

When you PM me saying you want to join. Use this format. If isn’t in the format you wont be going on the list. I’m serious :slight_smile:

Real name
city, State (in the two letter representation) Zip Code

So before we get this started there are going to be a few guidelines that will be followed:

1.) United States- I know for many they won’t be able to participate in this but with shipping cost and waiting time, US would be the only efficient option. I apologize for the internationals but that’s how I did it in previous years and the only efficient way. However I can probably make exceptions for Canadians because shipping isn’t incredibly more expensive.

2.)[b]Mandatory feedback count-Basically if you have no feedback I’m sorry but you cant participate either With few exceptions. You must have 10-15 positive feedback or more to be involved with this, unless your a well-known forum member. If you are not in the proper feedback and feel like you are worthy of being accepted in PM me.This is at my discretion and I can allow who I feel can be a part of this. If you have feedback from other Forums that can count as well. This is only for safety precautions and no offense to anyone.

[b]We may get people who are well known on the Facebook BST who may participate but not have proper feedback here. These people will be allowed in based on my discretion.

3.)Will ship when I designate the shipping dates- Open shipping so there is more then enough time to ship a package and whoever is in this years Secret Santa will ship within that time span. Shipping method is up to you but just make sure it gets to your Secret Santa. Use tracking though so you can provide proof of shipping worst case scenario. If you are someone that can’t ship in certain deadlines or are going to be a lazy shipper then might as well not join this.

4.) Random Drawing- The meaning of this is that I am going to put the names on pieces of paper and randomly pick names that I will pair up. The person you receive for your Secret Santa will not be the same person your getting from.

5.)50 participants- This number is what I’m starting at but can increase if the demand is there. Basically there are going to be 50+ people participating so there will be plenty of opportunities to be involved in this. Its first come, first serve. I will close it when I feel that it is necessary. I will leave this open for a few days.

6.)Gifts-This one is an important aspect. Gifts are at your own discretion and can be anything you please as long as it is yoyo related. Send a Gift as if you were going to receive it (it’s a time of giving). So at least one yoyo is a must (can be more then one) and any other goodies like strings, bearing, pouches, Hi-chew and other stuff can be included as well. Minimum Price of Gift should be at least [b]$60 or more. Remember this is the season of giving. Give a gift in which you would be happy to receive! The price minimum is just a guideline but above and beyond is always welcome.

[b]When you ship please include a piece of paper with your username so that the person receiving it can know who sent them their Secret Santa gift

List of Participants:

  1. 2sickJoey
  2. lseda3984
  3. Baerinatux
  4. Finalfantasy9001
  5. Kulazndoode
  6. Yoyospirit
  7. Linkdawg
  8. Chicken
  9. Ledgeryoyo
  10. bcmaddog
  11. oddball8 (Rio lara)
  12. Username1
  13. Oldyoyograndma
  14. Alecto
  15. Waterfiredude
  16. RyN
  17. Zorro
  18. Jhauxfan
  19. Gijoey959
  20. Noobyoyo24
  21. BenM36
  22. Logi
  23. Yomartyo
  24. Swatnoodle
  25. Vegabomb
  26. FullthrottleFRS
  27. Sneezingunicorn
  28. Owen
  29. Erik Kerber
  30. Amplified
  31. Andre Boulay
  32. Yoyoexpert Garrett
  33. Mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh (he will be using a US address through a middle man)
  34. Modman10
  35. Vicvonboom
  36. Myself
  37. Panda Monium
  38. Slimjoe
  39. Theappe
  40. Stringking
  41. yoyogeezer
  42. MikeEff
  43. Rockstar
  44. Squaktopus13
  45. Noonar
  46. Username 2
  47. Nathan

Excited!!! ;D

Been waiting for this!

updated the list with who I have :slight_smile:

PM inbound, I’ve been waiting to try out a secret santa in the YoYo community

i sent in my pm… i can’t wait to do this this year…

im in

So Stoked for this


im debating joining…

we will see. this may be the year.

Hopefully I can be a part of this next year for the 5th annual; should do something special for a 5-year anniversary! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Updated list :slight_smile: keep them coming.

I can’t wait! This is my first year entering. I have my throws picked out for the person I am shipping to.

PM sent. Hope I can join.

You don’t have enough feedback, I don’t think.

I’m pretty well known around here and I was allowed to enter last year and I didn’t let anyone down so I have that going for me.

I’ll join probably!

Count me in! :o

PM Sent!

we has andre this year… ooh man i want his box… how much do i have to pay joey to get it i wonder…

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