Contest: The Perfect Match Giveaway

TotalArtist Contest: The Perfect Match Giveaway

This is a need based contest. It is for those of you who do not necessarily have the means to afford a different or new throw. If your throws are beat, and worn, and you don’t have the means to get something different, this might be the contest for you. None of us need any yo-yo, to be honest. But the point is, if you own several high end throws, this specific contest was not created with you in mind. :slight_smile:

No need to throw fancy tricks, make a video, give your stuff away, or take a photo for this one. No special skills or equipment required (other than the internet). The goal of this contest, is to match a mystery yo-yo, with the perfect person who might enjoy it the most.

All you have to do, is take the survey of 16 questions/comments about your preferences (mostly multiple choice), and be as honest as possible. As soon as I have a perfect match for my mystery throw(s), you will be announced the winner. Of course, that determination is subjective, and I am only giving away a few yo-yos at this time. If this is successful, I will continue to give a yo-yo away from time to time, to those who might enjoy them the most. There is some luck involved in the process, but it only takes you a minute to complete the survey. 3 months registered on this forum, as of today’s date, is required. Shipping in the U.S.A. These throws are coming from my collection.

If you are the winner, you will be notified here on the forum. The most personal survey question you will be asked, is your username here on the YYE forum. Any information you have posted on the YYE forum, in addition to the survey data, may be used to determine the winner.

All you high rollers can take the survey just for fun too if you want. I’ll see your name, and know it’s you. It may help me test out this survey site, and keep track of how well responses are coming in. Feel free to post questions in the thread.

Are you the perfect match? Lets have some fun in here. Please read the above in it’s entirety, before inquiring within. Thanks.

Click here for the survey.

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Took it for funsies. This is a really fun and nice idea TA!

Thanks M.Dev1 and Nathan. I posted at an odd hour, hoping someone might help me test things out. I got both submissions. Things are working great. :wink:

I have been thinking. Every contest I felt like I had this random prize, and I was not sure the person who won it would really enjoy it. I was thinking of some way I might tailor the person to the prize in some way. While there is no guarantee of a perfect match, I’d like to preferably give something to someone who really could use it, and make it just the right thing they want too.

If contestants wish to remain anonymous (to everyone but me), I will refrain from announcing their username in the thread. But, if that is your preference, please send me a PM in that regard (right after you submit the survey). If I get such a PM, I will honor the request. This is need based, so no need to have anyone hesitate to enter. I will just announce that a winner was chosen, maybe from what state, show the answers (except the name), and announce the prize.

Do I win? :slight_smile:

Thanks TTYo. That’s a lot of Majestys. :smiley: From one person who loves multiples…to another. ;D

I took it for fun. If you know me at all, you could tell from the first 3 on top 5 throws list.

I love surveys, so I couldn’t resist :wink:

Do I get a Format:C now? :smiley:

Took it for fun, and I had fun doing it :stuck_out_tongue: it would be interesting if you went through and made a post with what you think a match would be for those of us who did this without the intention of winning. Ie. if I were to give a yoyo to person X, based on their answers it would be a werrd hour.

Just did it! This is such a creative idea!

You guys are great, I just read all of your input. What a diverse set of preferences you all have too. In all of the various surveys you did so far, even just for fun in some cases, we still have not hit the nail on the head with either of these few mystery throws I have in mind. I’m hoping that in a few days, I will get something extremely close though. The few I have in mind are all totally different too haha. I love reading the entries…14 total so far (including the ones just for kicks). :wink:

Im in! Do dogs count as well?

Done! This is an awesome giveaway dude!

I did it just for fun. Great idea TA!

Looked fun, so I completed the survey too, great idea by the way :slight_smile:

Idk if I did it for fun or not lol. I had fun taking the survey but the contest sorta applied to me. Just a little. Lol

Tried it out for fun.

Thought I’d take the survey for fun.

I took it for fun!! XD

TA, you are too COOL, what a great way to give thanks!

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