Contest! Yo-Yo Money - #3 Winner ROFLXD $210.60!!


I call this the yo-yo money jar. Each day for several months, I emptied change from my pockets into the jar. When the jar was full, I took it to a change counter. The proceeds from the jar, I considered to be “yo-yo money.” I always buy yo-yos with the money I collect in the jar. The last time I filled the jar, there was $188 in it. I did a better job this time, as more silver coins made it into the jar (clue).

To enter the contest, do the following:

  1. Watch the video (at least the last minute of it)
  2. Post here, your guess of how much money (in dollars and cents), you think might be in the jar. The closest answer (without going over) wins the contest.
  3. Recommend a good yo-yo purchase for me.

Prize: $25 Gift Certificate to YYE
What do you have to lose?

-Review the answers of those who post before you. If you post the same exact dollar amount as someone posted before you, your entry is automatically disqualified.
-Do not modify your post. Once the entry is posted, it will be screen saved as soon as possible, and your original answer will be the only valid entry. Violators are automatically disqualified. I will save screen shots of entries, but expect the honor system to apply.
-PM comments, so as not to clog the thread. It is easier for me to review answers with less clutter.
-Only post if you were registered on the forum prior to the date of this thread. Otherwise, you are automatically disqualified.
-If you are on my PM ignore list…disqualified, as PMs are required to claim the prize.
-use the aforementioned clues and this video of the money to guide you.

I will reveal the total dollar amount and what I used the money for on Thursday, October 4th, at 9:00pm EST. The winner will be announced at that time.

This contest is sponsored by:

YoyoExpert Leather Holders, by Totalartist
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Thanks for your support, now it’s time to give back!

Now…get that yo-yo money!!

Custom for mgiroux77


My guess is around, 205$? A good yoyo? Pick up the Trigger, it looks freaking sweet.


And you should get a OD Cascade, theyre amazing for the price they are. You could almost get 2 if your money jar has around $200. Ha




$205.25 and I would look at the RecRev Freq.Wav or the Barracuda when it comes out.


my guess is $206.04. I think that the Werrd Hour looks pretty nice.


207.54. The new avalanche looks really nice.



And get a chief


$197.32 im a fan of hspins try one out if you like


198.67$, Di base is a fairly portable, great playing throw



X3 La Goutte, it’s great.


$235 that new yoyo from eternal throw looks awesome, and has side effects.



And I would suggest one of the new avalanches. Always a personal favorite. Or you could go with a trigger, had a chance to play one at worlds, super sweet!


$201.23? The C3 capsule 2 looks pretty cool (and the acid washes are Awesome!)


$199 the ge, get one.



And you should check out some CYYC they make some cool stuff.

Edit: adding a smile for the Screen cap ;D


220$. I suggest a chief, burnside, cascade, stargazer, dreadnought, positron, maxbet.

Not that i need another holder. If I win give the prize to someone else.



I would go with the code 2. My next throw. I pronaly like he half yellow alf purple. For undersized he spin dynamics nickle plated looks sweet.

(Owen) #19


Get the DNA it is a reallly smooooth yoyo

Its also a good learning yoyo


X La Goutte would be what I would recommend, too. It’s so fun to throw.