How much have you spent on yoyos? POST!!!

Saw this thread on YYN, bringing it over here. Some people have spent crazy amounts like 15K!!! But this thread is a little different.

1.How much have you spent on yoyos (est.)
2.Then, list all your yoyos and what you got them for. (Even trades)

Spent on YoYos: $368
Hatrick: $88
MiniStar $90
Skyy Chaser: Free
888x: Free
888 B-Grade: $40
Dv888: $65
ProtoStar: Free
PGMv2: $30
X-CV: Free
NXG: Free



Theres already been a thread about this. My bad it was YYN



LOL!!! Keep posting guys.

40$ on a dark magic

Actually, there HAS been another thread like this:

2 months ago… that one is DEAD. I also have another question in my OP.

YYF Lunatic- $0 (Parents spent $70)
YFF Protostar- $35
YYF Velocity- $20
YYF PGM v2- $30
YYJ DM v1- $0 (Parents spent $40)
YYJ Mini Mo Tu- $40
YYJ Big Ben- $16
Duncan FHZ- $18
2 Duncan Imperials/ 1 Duncan Butterfly- $0 (Parents spent $5)
Duncan Mosquito- $9
Yomega Exodus II- $20
Yomega Dash- $30
2 Yomega Fireballs- $22
Yomega Lightbeam- $20
Yomega Power Spin- $8
Yomega Power Brain XP Wing- $15
Yomega X-Brain- $11
Yomega Raider- $15
Yomega Lancer II- $20
Yomega Hyper Warp Wing- $20
(I sold this to one of my friends.)

I have spent $349 on yoyos.
My parents have spent $115 on yoyos.
Total for yoyos- $464

Not including excessories. There is probably another $60 spent on a case, bearings, strings, lube…etc…
And yes, I bough that many Yomega plastics. :stuck_out_tongue: I was just starting and got carried away. :-\

Dang you have a TON of Yomegas lol. You should sell some and get a really good yoyo.

Yeah, I guess I should do that. lol But, I would keep the Dash and Xodus II. They are pretty good actually. :slight_smile:

You could get quite a bit of money for how many you have.

Yeah, but I don’t know if I would get many offers. lol

To OP:
Seeing that you got your SKYY for free, what would I have to give to get it away from you? :smiley:

Hatrick - 80$ (My parents took off 20$)
2 Mosquitos - 16$
5 Imperials - 15$ LOL it was for the duncan imperial contest
Legacy - (Got that for Christmas)
Lyn Fury - (Also Got that for Christmas)
Pocket Change - 13$
Die-Nasty - 16$
FHZ - 20$

I spent - 160
Parents spent - 55
All together - about 215

Not for sale lol

Sorry Q, I love that thing. :smiley:


ILYY Fury: $125
SPYY Pro: $104
YYJ DM: $40
FHZ x3: $42
Speed Beetle: $10
String: $28
Accessories: $40

Started Yo-Yoing Early July/Late June.

Working on grabbing the Torino, Void and possibly a Josy-Ann.

enough lol

General yo
magnum getting another one ;D 300$ and then the other would be 600$
hatrick 60$
pre pro ministar 60$
BA ministar 90$
5star 100$
Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works
Bassalope 120$
Wooly Marmot YYE ed. 158$
hulk smash wooly 2 of them together 155$
hulk smash peak 100$
skyline 120$
skyline blue silver splash 130$
Superstar 120$
dv888 b grade 40$
chaotic b grade 40$
2010 Severe 90$
2 proto stars one for free the other 35$
genesis for free.
frantic 20$
2 enemes one free 85$
2 dark magics 80$
speeder 40$
speedmaker halloween ed. 10$
meteor 80$
Y Factor purple unengraved for free

TOTAL: idk around 2000-2005$ lol ya its a lot. :smiley:

EDIT: I forgot my 888x, mighty flea, big deal, big yo, and my Void haha :smiley:

flying squirrel $20
hayabusa $23
speeder $50
dark magic $50
protege: free (won in a raffle)
G5: traded flying squirrel, speeder, and protege
888x: $105 (shipping >.>)

total: $248 O.O

i didnt expect that much :o