Yoraveler. Yoyofactory Dogma for 10$.

Here get a Yoyofactory dogma galaxy color way for 10$.

What you have to do is. Contribute 10$.
So 10 people contribute all those 10 people get to play with dogma for 5 to 10 days and then ship it to the next person. And after it goes to the last person. There will be a option of buying that dogma for 90$. And then another yoyo is bought by vote and it goes on but that after doing this.

Want to participate post in here saying you are interested.

Eligibility. Have a good trade count or a trusted forum member. And have to make a video with dogma. After receiving it.

Edit: this is the 5 or 6th time if hurried a post. So more clarification here…

Let’s say 10 people agreed to participate in it and one of those is Gambit. All people give there 10 $ to gambits PayPal account. And then he buys Yoyofactory dogma and sends to me as I’m the first one participating.

After using it for 5 to 10 days and making a video of it I send the yoyo to second participant on the list and I will have to pay the shipping next person does the same and he pays the shipping and it goes on. And when it goes to the 10th participant.

There will be a option of buying that Yoyofactory dogma for 90$. And if no one agrees to buy it it will be put up on bst. Until it sells the circulation continues. And after it sells those 90$ will be used for another yoyo that will be decided by voting.

I’m in. And if I receive the money I can ship to united States. But if any of you entering willing to to ship to India you can get it.

So the last person on the list plays $10 but doesn’t see that Dogma for 180 days? At the rate YYF is cranking out product Dogma 2 will be out by then!

Yes but 10$ is less amount for a yoyo kind of this and. If the person have many for dogma 2 he will buy one now. This for who want participate In it.

What about shipping? Both in terms of cost and time?

I’m not sure how this’ll work out.

Edited the og post so any more questions? And participations still open.

To participate the person has to have a good trade count.

And the OP has Zero trade count.

Good start…


Why 15-20 days? How about 5 at most? I mean how long does someone really need to throw a yoyo before knowing if they like it? Also 15-20 days is a lot of time for the yoyo to get dinged to heck and beat.

I also believe the idea needs more work. If 10 people use the yo-yo for 20 days, that’s 200 days or 6 months that the yo-yo would be used. After enduring all that play and travel, the yo-yo will probably not be in the best shape. I don’t think anyone would buy it for $90.

Who’s keeping the Yoyo after this is done. What about stripped axles? Does the next person just get a yoyo with a stripped axle?

Everyone should pay the same otherwise it is not fair to those who do not. I think this is right.

Ah yeah but waiting 6 months?

I don’t think so.

My Opinion:

This isn’t gonna work at all.

I think k this is only the good idea posted here. And edited.

No one keeps it. It gets sold.

Rather then Quoteing and answering all questions I’m answering here.

The most threats here are yoyo getting damaged or stripped or getting lost.

I don’t t think you people treat your yoyos bad or keep banging them. Same here just don’t go harsh with the yoyo. Not that I’m saying it will not happen but.

I’ve made that 15 to 20 days to 5 to 10 days.

And for people saying waiting time. Not every one affords high end yoyos. So with this platform they can try new yoyos and they will be willing to wait.

See here if the person has money he will not enter in this and buy the yoyo new on his own. And those people who don’t afford or don’t buy it they will be willing to wait and pay 10$.

I made a post just for getting suggestions but there wasn’t. Much so I decided to make the I knew no one will be entering straight. But there will be better suggestions and that’s what have happened…

…I knew questions will be coming but I’m willing to answer them…
Lol this quote was to dramatic. Lol.

And how can you be sure people on here will be trusted (you have no trade count!)? Also even if you try not to damage it, it will most likely be damaged somehow.

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It will be damaged. Also, the problem is, YYF yoyos don’t keep their value at all, so with damage, this will be worth at most $40-50