25+ Yo-Yo Lottery/Group Trade Opportunity


I posted about this idea in another thread, but thanks to Proboscis, I’m bringing it back from the dead. We are feeling out who might want to participate in this. I’m always willing to trade for the fun of it, so here goes. This is a group trade opportunity, and you should participate because;

  1. It is a great opportunity to trade in what you have, for something else you’d like better;
  2. You can earn feedback for a job well done;
  3. It’s a way to have fun and interact with other forum members; and
  4. I have not seen it done this way before, so it’s about time to try something new.


I am looking for at least 20 people, with at least 25 positive feedback (YYE/YYN), and no issues in prior transactions or gift exchanges, to enter this yo-yo lottery. Be willing to ship on time with tracking. Shipping within the USA only.

Here is how the lottery will go:

  1. We will get 20 people to put up a yo-yo with a specified value, and required condition. They will reveal the yo-yo they are entering in the trade. Everyone will commit to giving away a specific throw.

  2. A list of available yo-yos will be created for the master list. Each person’s name will be entered in a lottery (held on webcam live for anyone who wants to watch in real time to verify it’s legit). In that lottery, each person will be assigned a number from 1 to 20. The person who pulls #1, will be first to select the yo-yo they want most from the master list. Then, #2 picks and so on, until the list of yo-yos is exhausted. Whoever pulls #20 gets the last throw on the list. Everyone else has options. The lower your number, the better the options. But, even for #20, they may luck out and have interest in that last throw. Further, because all yo-yos have a specified minimum value, there is no great risk involved.

  3. Contact will be made with the owner of the yo-yo chosen, and the shipping address of the recipient will be provided to them. They will ship, with tracking. We will post in the thread to keep track of selections, and people will post in order of their lottery number.


The disclaimer is, that once you agree to participate, and you put a yo-yo on the master list, you must follow through and ship it, or you will receive negative feedback from your recipient. Obligations to mail out to recipients, will be treated as seriously as any other buy/sell/trade transaction, and failure to comply may result in a blacklist from future group trade opportunities like this.

Proposed Schedule:

I’m thinking we should create the list of 20 participants by June 15th. The master list of yo-yos will be created by June 18th. The lottery will take place on June 22nd, and yo-yo selections made by June 24th. Then, everyone ships out within 3 business days, with tracking…by June 27th.

Trade Value = $80 minimum retail value.

Yo-Yo value and condition should be one single yo-yo, retail value at least $80, in at least near mint condition. No beat up yo-yos. They must look nice and play nice.

List of Participants/Yo-Yos so far:

  1. TotalArtist (71) - Mint in Box OD Yelets in yellow.
  2. Proboscis (30) - Mint Pre-Production General Yo Entheos
  3. BigYoYo (42) - Mint ILYY Liopleurodon (polished by Yoyospirit, slight vibe on bad throws)
  4. Dingo54 (62)
  5. Slowyojoe (53) - Mint YYJoker Eternity (Outlet) half blue/half gold
  6. ColeJ (45)
  7. Yomagic (49) - Near Mint BreakbeatYo Lover with FHZ caps
  8. rdeleon975 (31) - OD Yelets w/dome & disc side effects blue/orange (stock)


Count me in!


Sounds good BigYoyo… :wink: I’m adding you to the list. ;D


I will do it


Is 21 good enough feedback? I can get others to vouch for me if need be, I’ve had successful trades with a number of reputable forum members.


Sounds good. I’ll add you in! :slight_smile:


Nooooooo!!! 24 feedback :’(


OH NO! :stuck_out_tongue: You have until the 15th to get one more ;D I want to keep it firm, in fairness to the guys already signed on.

If we have trouble getting the 25+ slots filled up, the rest of us will vote on it. But, the vote must be unanimous. I try to keep my word to people once they’ve signed on. I hate to bait and switch. I never like it done to me…so I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Also, if this goes well, we’ll do another in a few weeks and lower the feedback/stakes too.

Also, on another note…keep in mind, that if you pick your own yo-yo from the list…you get no positive feedback. No negative…but no positive either. You have to ship a yo-yo to someone else to qualify for positive feedback. If you choose your own yo-yo, you have that right, and you will have fulfilled your obligations to us…but, no feedback in that instance.


Those of you who signed on should PM me about what yo-yo you are planning on putting up. The list of yo-yos will not be locked until the 18th, or until the list of participants is filled. You will have 24 hours notice before the list is locked and cannot be changed. But, for now, if you’re pretty sure, let me know which yo-yo you are adding. If we start listing the yo-yos, there is more incentive for people to join in. I’m thinking about putting in a mint Yelets w/box :-\


Would it be at all possible to be included? I’m sure I could get some people to vouch for me if needed.


Have fun guys! I would join but not enough feedback:(

If there is room let me know! :wink:


Ok, I hope I can make it in, I would be doing a mint B-Grade Blue mountain majesty, it has some serious anno flaws on the rim though. :-\


I’m getting so many requests now for this circumstance. If we can’t fill the slots up, we’ll vote, but it must be unanimous, as people have signed on already. If this works out without issues, we’ll do another one soon and lower the feedback/stakes so those of you who missed out can get in at that time. I want to attempt this as planned first though.


I’d say someone would want that yo-yo for sure. We’ll keep that in mind if it comes to a vote. :wink: Let’s see how the list goes in the next few days and we’ll keep you updated. Worst case, we’ll do another one of these in a few weeks, and set different criteria so you can unload that Majesty on me…I mean…someone. :smiley:


:smiley: Yeah I have three majesty’s… don’t ask me why, I figure I should let someone else get some enjoyment out of it!


Okay, I’m thinking of the lottery being conducted this way. Either I will shop for a moderator to conduct this, or I will do it myself. This lottery will take place on a webcam for those who want to verify it’s legitimacy as being “random” selection. I am considering using Yahoo Messenger, so that I can answer your questions and you can view the lottery on webcam at the same time.

First, all names will be entered on index cards, cut the same size, and folded the same way. You will view the entire process. Those folded cards will be placed inside a container (with lid) that is not transparent. The box will be shaken up thoroughly, with the folded cards inside, and I will select one card at a time. The first card picked from the box will occupy slot #1, and the second will occupy slot #2, and so on until the list is filled. Because this is done live on webcam, and you can view the cards… view them being folded, view the box and lid, view it being shaken up, and view them being removed…it will verify the legitimacy of the “randomness” of the process.

If a moderator is willing to administer this lottery instead, I am willing to forfeit administering it, and let him do it. But, it must be done both live and in the manner described above. If anyone objects to the process, you may post your suggestions or concerns. By the way, my Yahoo messenger username is “thetotalartist,” so add me now if you might want to view this.


Dang… so close.


I’ll add you to the list of interested. For those of you interested, if this comes to a vote, it might be wise to do what modman did and tell us what yo-yo you’d put up. Those signed on would have to vote unanimously based on your forum activity, feedback, reputation otherwise, and of course, what you are willing to bring to the table. :wink: We’ll discuss this again soon. :slight_smile:

On another note, I’m leaving the yo-yo list unlocked for a bit. If we have several of the same type of yo-yo listed, people may want to pull it out and put in something different to create some variety. So, until the list locks, you can switch it. I’ll give you notice when the list is locked and cannot be changed. At this time, we just want a tentative list of what yo-yos are very likely to be included.


Haha. It’s alright. I was planning on a yelets plus side effects.


We’ll keep that in mind. More than one of the same yo-yo, in different colors can work…color is a deal breaker for some people. Thanks for expressing interest, and we’ll add you to the list of those interested if it comes to a vote later.