50+ Club of YYE?

50+ Club of YYE

This started out an idea for a 50+ feedback $100 minimum gift exchange, but I’d also like to try something new. I think we should start a 50+ club YYE and YYN combined feedback in general. In this online club, we will conduct gift exchanges and work out temporary trades and other things too. Gift exchange would be members only near Xmas time. I’m thinking of rules for temporary trades as follows.

  1. Each member involved in temporary trades must have at least 3 throws in the temp trade bank. You can switch out the 3 throws at anytime and replace them with new ones. Retail value of the three yo-yos must be at least $200.

  2. Temp trades are for a one week period from time of delivery. Seven days from the date a yo-yo is delivered to you, you return it to the owner.

  3. All items shall be shipped in a box, well packed, with tracking…no exceptions

  4. Take photos of throws sent to you, and received by you.

  5. The owner of the yo-yo is responsible for yo-yo maintenance. Do not lube someone’s bearing, remove their response, switch out parts of their yo-yo or otherwise alter the yo-yo in any way. Simply throw it, and return it.

  6. Throw temporary traded yo-yos over grass or carpet. A failure to return yo-yos in the same condition, without arrangement for adequate compensation to the owner, results in negative feedback and/or revocation of privileges from the club.

  7. There will be a thread maintained and/or Facebook to document a current list of available throws, and approximate dates of temp trade returns.

  8. For each member, at least one of three banked yo-yos must be switched with a different yo-yo, every 60 days. $200 minimum value for all three throws shall be maintained at all times.

  9. Each member is responsible for rotating the three throws, within a reasonable time, to keep the bank fresh. Failure to do so, may result in revoked membership.

I think having 60 yo-yos to try potentially at any time, is always a good thing. I think it could work with a 50+ group.

The rules are still being worked out. Anyone with 50+ feedback interested in this?


I actually think this is a great idea. It gives ppl who do not have access to throws easily a way to try them out and see if they would like to buy them…

I temp trade all the time. As long as you trust the person it’s a sweet deal. A great way to try a throw you’re interested in without making a permanent change to your collection or wallet.

Exactly! Also, a throw that is “not for you,” but does not sell easily might end up in the bank. Further, if someone tries it and likes it, they might ask to buy it. :wink:

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This is clearly a simple ploy to make me trade more soon to get my feedback count up so I can join. I see what you’re doing…! :wink: But seriously I think this idea is fun. Nice job! Sorry no time to write more, have to go BSTing…

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It looks like you’ll be in there in no time. :wink: Everyone in the club will be held to the highest standards. I think we’ll require every member to submit a working telephone number, a valid and confirmed mailing address, and valid email address. Maybe I will mail something to them with a code, and have them contact me with the code prior to acceptance. I’m still stewing on things.

When I get home, I will see what I am considering for “the bank.” I’ll post this evening.

What a nice idea! Though it could go in 2 completely different ways for the “yoyo economy”. Either people get encouraged to buy more yoyos, or refuse to do so due to this option being available.

Also, it should be part of the rules that whoever wants to join must be ready to surrender some general information such as an address, phone #, or any sorts of contact information. You need to include rules that can prevent , or god forbid , help take action to scams.

Waaah. I wish it wasn’t just 50+ feedback :frowning: I want to spread the purple mountain love…

This whole thing angers me…,you are excluding so much of the community.
You should continue on this idea but dont call it a “club”, because clubs make people feel left out

Why would you trust someone with 50 feedback more than one with 20??? Ou should lower the bar to 25 or 30

There is only like 6 people with 50+

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Between YYN and YYE there are much more people with 50+ feedback. I can think of about 20 off the top of my head now.

Oh, i guess im just jealous to not get to participate in something this awesome… I would love to try a gnarwal before i buy one…

But 4 real, plz dont call it a club

Okay Apollo, the name of this thing, and a logo are still up in the air. No one is excluded unless by their own doing. Everyone has the right to work their way to 50 feedback, comply with the rules, and gain acceptance. We do not discriminate on any basis…besides feedback and willingness to follow the rules. All ages welcome too, if they have the qualifications. Not everyone joining this will want to temp trade. They might want to do the gift exchanges though. I made a list of 25 people so far who would qualify. I am not an active member of YYN so many more are candidates that I do not know about. Even 50 feedback, with 3 negatives and 3 months on the forum…membership denied! :slight_smile:

The world has clubs. We don’t get to be a part of all of them. Is it exclusive? Yes. It excludes people. But there’s nothing to get angry about. If you want to take the chance on people with 3 feedback (or whatever), you are at complete liberty to create your own club:

“Open Yoyo Traders of YYE: requirements: zero!” Or even “requirements: must have LESS than 50 feedback”. :wink:

And then people will join or not. And it will be a success or not. No need to question somebody else’s decision to make an exclusive club when you have the same rights.

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I’ll throw some names out for the heck of it. People who appear at first glance to qualify:

Coffelt (I think…too lazy to check)

I have the list at home, but they all seem to fit. There are a ton actually. Maybe we will vote other people in by majority vote or something. But, we may need your license photo (just kiddin’).

This is a fantastic idea! However how strict is the 50+ rule? I have been an active part of the community since 2011 and i only have 36 positive feedback. Maybe we should make a rule having trusted members who are close to 50 voted in by people in the club

Id fit the requirements as well. I have 180+ between here and YYN

Let’s see what others think. Someone with 40 will clearly get to 50 at some point, and if one of the members has been to your house and will “co-sign” for you on it or something…hmmm. I’ll let others weigh in on it. Maybe consider time registered on YYE, feedback count, how many members can vouch for you, and we’ll see if you have good yo-yos for the bank…oops typos on the last part. ;D I just want people to be 99.9% reliable and dependable. My biggest concern of all. 50 just sounds “right.” I’m comfortable on a different level when someone has 50+ feedback. No guarantees, but I feel pretty confident.

Exactly. I feel I owe it to people like you with 150+ to at least require 50. Maybe I’ll up it to 65 and decide whether to allow myself in. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm… So even though skyhighyo has only like 6 feedback he would still get in, because many can vouch for him and hes popular?

Would i get in because Mryoyoguy, Hipposamuri, Wildcat, DJ Slenda, and NCyoyo888 can vouch for me, and most of them are very popular and trusted