50+ Club of YYE?

We would be looking for people who have 50. If someone is close, but has other 50+ members to cosign on it…maybe it could bend. But, I’m not so in favor of bending…and think we should just let people get to the feedback requirement. Feedback and BST activity rules, not being “popular.” We want stuff shipped out proper is the main concern here. The only thing that shows this…is feedback.

That makes sense

This makes sense. I am sure a many people can vouch for me. How about we include Ebay feedback? Many members are involved in ebay transactions along with bst activity.

And, me…


@juliang22. I would first eatablish a list of established members and then start putting issues like that to a membership vote. We will develop a voting system, maybe a 2/3 vote. We’d have to confirm the Ebay accounts belong to that person, and often the usernames do not align, which might pose a problem. The club would vote on it, and maybe do a “trial membership.” But, full fledged members may or may not trade their throws unless they see full membership. :-\ I’m thinking out loud :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes kdbams…you too, and jasonwongzero. Oh…

and Nivo!

You make very logcal points. I hate to bog up the thread even more, but what about ebay accounts that do match usernames. For example my account:


My account has the same username and it has 16 positive feedback on it. This would put me at 52 positive feedback. The 2/3rds vote does make a lot of sense.

I say keep it strict.
If you don’t have 50 HERE,you don’t get in.
I would still say the same if I didn’t have over 50 and only had 2.

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I tend to agree that it should be strict. I don’t know that I’ll ever have 50, but even though I’ll never be in the “club” I see its value. And honestly, if you don’t have a very cut-and-dry strict policy, there are going to be tears.

If there’s a way to verify that somebody’s YYN account is a match to a YYE account, you could do that combination. But it would have to be foolproof. If there’s no way to 100% verify all accounts, always, then keep it just for YYE feedback. My unsolicited opinion is that 50 is a bit of overkill to show a track record of reliability, but meh. Whatever the number is, stick to it and keep it strict.

Just my perspective from an “outsider”. :wink:

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I would think that both Jrod and Vegabomb might be able to verify ppl from YYN as they are mods there too. The majority of YYN people who made the move to YYE are pretty well know in the community as well.

Look at his count…wow! Another one folks! I think we want people to earn their way in, for sure, not to exclude, but to give members the ultimate confidence and also give people a good feeling that they made it to 50 and can enjoy some extra rewards that it might provide.

@GregP I tend to agree, but we want to cut down on red tape with this. The process of qualifying the less than 50 people, is time intensive, and we want this thing to kind of run itself for the most part. 50 strict is an automatic yay or nay to even apply. 55 with a negative as their first transaction might be…apply, then we’ll vote on it. We want 50+…no negatives.

I agree about Vegabomb/jrod if interested, they can check on things most of us cannot.

It’s your club, you get to pick! I wouldn’t change your process at all-- I agree that the less red tape the better, which is why I agree with Haru that it should be strict. I’m just saying that “35 strict”… “50 strict”… you just have to decide what you think is a good track record. My only point is that 50 is overkill in my personal opinion. Heck, I only have what… 5? and I feel like I’ve established a bit of a record already. Not enough for a club like this, but “something”. By the time I have 35 I would think I’m well known as a reliable trader!

Speaking strictly objectively; not trying to lower the bar so that I can get in one day. :wink: With the cost of shipping to Canada, I doubt I would personally participate anyhow. Just saying that 35 establishes a pretty good record. But the beauty is that YOU get to decide! If you think 50 is the minimum, then that’s what you should stick to.

I personally have a lot of respect for Ebay account feedback, as Ebay has a higher standard than any yo-yo BST. As long as the usernames are identical, I would be willing to write up a case for you later, and we’d vote on it as a group. A democracy. YYE allows Ebay auction posts, so your point is valid as far as I’m concerned. But, your case is rare…Ebay account with a matching username and already 37 on the forum. Just be patient and we will take this up when we are established. It would be a member vote.

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Well, I’ll get the ball rolling here, but if rules are to be changed later…we will put things to a vote. I have to establish some rules to start up.

I’ve done a tad bit of research, and I’ve seen people with 33/34 feedback throw it all away and try to scam. One person tried to, but was too involved in the community to stay away, so he paid up after a year.

1 to 15 feedback might scam and disappear forever

16 to 30 might scam and try a new username to keep going

31 to 35 might scam but they are invested and eventually right any wrongs

36+ I have to agree with you. But 40 is even too close to 35. So, if I were to set a number that made me feel 99% confident…50 is the one. Just feels right. :wink:

I have over 50 on eBay, a positive and my username semi matches up. And I believe I have over 30+ here on YYE. I was scammed in th last gift exchange and would love to participate. I’ve done many deals with some of these people already apart of the 50+ list.

Would really love to join. I have many great throws that I’m sure people would love to try out. My eBay name matches my email more than it does my YYE name so maybe that could be an exception? Ill do whatever to prove I’m legit

I want to join but I only have 35 combined feedbacks here and in YYN.
And I’m not in the US. I wish I live there. :frowning:

Welp hitches pants up and rustles belt aroundi got some work to do

Thought id throw my thoughts in… Whatever number you pick, keep it strict. If you allow ebay make sure they don’t have duplicate feedback as in they could have had an Ebay buyer/seller post feedback on yye as well as ebay for an Ebay transaction.

Also, i say no vouching. Friends can turn to strangers real quick. You don’t really know these people just cuz you had 1 or 2 good transactions with them.

I agree SHY but I could trade with you if I want outside of this thing :wink: Members can trade with whoever they please, as usual, but there will be a space set up for official members who have proven tried and true to set up and post what temp trades they have. I can think of several people I’d trade with outside of this standard. Just makes it hard to allow some people in and not others as far as the “stamp of approval.” I’m thinking of creating a space only members can access. Then, we can keep general BSTs on the forums too.

Hmmm…outside the US is not a deal breaker, but one of the benefits of temp trading is to give and receive things quick at low cost. Some members may not mind it…but I sense most will.

At the rate you are trading, you will get to 50 soon I’m sure. You only need 14 more. A few months of trading at that rate and I think you’re all set. This thing will take a bit to set up fully anyway.

I am the type of guy who holds on to my yoyos, so I will most likely never reach that 50 trade count. But that is totally fine. I get to try out plenty of throws at meets and stuff.

Although it doesn’t pertain to me, I think a 30+ club would be better. 30 positive feedback should be plenty of proof that the person is honest and punctual with their trading. I notice that quite a few people on the forums have over 30 positive feedback, but I rarely see over 50. You would have a much larger “yoyo bank” as well if you decided to go with the 30+ club.

Just some food for thought I suppose. This seems like a great idea by the way.