eBay for the Philippines, round two! Save the Children!

Hello again!

Given that the first event  was such a success ;


I have decided to start another!

However, this time around I want to do things a little differently.

-No international (sorry guys)
-All proceeds will now go to Save the Children, which you can read about (and donate to it yourself if you’d like) here :


Here are the yoyos I have for sale this time around!

An unengraved Chik! Donated by One Drop and signed on both sides by Paul Dang. Comes with a 2013 signed trading card of him too!


A 1/1 Yoyojam Trigger! Donated by another online yoyo store. *Read about it on the eBay page for more details.


Again, all proceeds go to Save the Children. The proceeds will be directed towards the Typhoon aid.

Happy bidding! If you have any questions or concerns, hit me up here or on facebook.

-Stephen Fuentes

Bump! Get those bids in!!


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Xmas eve!

its xmas eve!! bump!

Now its xmas! Get those bids in!

Last day! These are still low! Get these bids in!

And its done! Will be posting donation pages as soon as I get the funds from the winners.

Thanks everyone!

New update :

both payments have been received, but my paypal is marking these payments as “pending”.

I know that if I add a tracking number via eBay’s shipping system, I can get my money sooner and therefore donate it sooner. However, I want to play it safe with the packages by sending them after jan 1st. I have already notified the winning bidders over eBay.

That being said, I will have those donation photos soon!


Paypal finally made one of the payments available D: I’m still waiting on the other. The yoyos are shipped and in the hands of the wining bidders.

Sorry for the extreme delay! Will donate and post pics ASAP.




The total amount of money raised is 249!

Will be starting a round three sometime in the future guys! Thank you all so much!