DONE! Charity receipt photos here.

As you guys may or may not know, a typhoon recently touched base on the Philippines. As a result, I wanted to put up a couple of pretty sweet Werrd yoyos on ebay, so that I could donate some money to the Red Cross for help in the Philippines.

These yoyos will be up for 7 days. Free shipping is included. Both are mint.

Lets raise some money!!

-Stephen F.

PS: I understand that my eBay profile has no feedback. I made an eBay account for the sole purpose of selling these yoyos. I do have some feedback here and on YYN, and I frequent the Facebook BST.

Contact me here or on facebook (Stephen Fuentes) for any questions/concerns.

Thank you!

EDIT : As mentioned in the thread, winning bidder has the opportunity to change which charity gets the money. Red Cross is just the default.

All charitys will be for the phillipines.


Bump for Werrd yoyos/ a good cause. Basically the best combination of things ever.

Thank you, man!

Jump on these yoyos guys. Prototype fruitures are very hard to come by, and tre 2k13s are always good!

Bump for great cause and great yoyos!


Bump for a AWESOME cause and sick yoyos! XD

Bump cuz I bid. Nice idea!

Cool idea, hope it goes well.

I will just add for anybody who wants to donate to relief efforts, you should check this out…

The Red Cross is kind of the default for everybody, but in my opinion not always the best choice. They also take in a -ton- more than they can reasonably spend on a relief effort, and most of it ends up sitting in their bank accounts… despite their promises otherwise.


Thank you!

Hey Kyle.

You raise a good point. As such, I think I’ll ask the winning bidder if he or she wants to send the proceeds to an alternative  phillipines  relief fund.

Would you say that is a fair plan? The default would still be Red Cross, but the bidder will have the deciding choice in the matter.

Thank you for expressing your concern!


I didn’t mean to shoot down your choice, do whatever you think is best… all the choices are positive ones :slight_smile:

I just saw an opportunity to point out that people should always be careful with where their money goes and figure out where it can have the largest impact. I’ve worked with/around a -lot- of non-profits over the years and they are certainly not all created equal. I focus on Red Cross a lot simply because they are the largest and that’s most people’s first thought. I just like to point out that there are other options too.


i would recommend C.A.M. which is short for Christian Aid Ministries. They are a Amish/Mennonite organization and one of the most reliable about actually getting people out in the relief work. they set it up so that random youth and younger people (about 17 and up) from the churches can go help. This is a great opportunity for the young people and a great way to show the love of Christ in countries with calamities. They are actually setting up a donation already for the Philipines disaster at this page

The people who are doing this work are some of the best christian examples there are. for most of the youth participating its a voluntary service work. they are not paid but they still need supplies and transportation to the eastern hemisphere. Also they need prayer as much as anything if you are the praying kind of person(hopefully). I would all recommend you give and may the Lord bless you.

The donation button is the big red one near the bottom of the page.

Wouldn’t it have been better to list these as a charity auction?

My issue with these types of charities are exactly what’s in that article I linked… they send very inexperienced people to do a job that can be far more efficiently and effectively carried out by a few very organized people. The intentions are good, the actual measurable impact is low.

You’re also funding them getting there, and all their supplies while they are there… that’s rather a lot of overhead vs. an organization that is already on the ground in the correct area doing work.

Not that I’d ever say any effort like this is bad, it all helps in some way I’m sure… but I’d rather put my money towards something with a larger impact.


Originally, I missed that option haha. Now that I’m letting the winning bid choose, I’m not too concerned.

Bump good vibes

This is a charity that sends mass amount of skilled workers along with multiplying your funds brought partnering with huge companies to make a difference with a different approach and worth a look not saying its a must or anything just that it’s a good alternative option.