Who has played a VsNYYC yoyo?

I am thinking about getting the VsNYYC Skywalker. I just want to hear from people who have played the Skywalker or VsNYYC in general if they like it and how it plays.

Amazing… Heath made some of the best yoyos ever. If you can get a cheap skywalker then go for it, its a super awesome yoyo, probably my top 5 favorite yoyos ive ever played. My other favorites are the CLYW’s, the cascade, and other VsNYYC. I wish Heath was still making yoyos so i could get a septopus. Tis life i guess. But yeah, if you can get a good one for cheap i would say dont hesitate :wink:

I picked up a Skywalker from the BST about a month back. Absolutely brilliant throw. There are quite a few of them on the BST at the moment so if you see one at a decent price, snap it up.


I will admit, heath made a friggin awesome throw. Very nice mid sized.

I was very impressed with the Skywalker.

I love mine. I’d snatch one up if you can.

It’s a good throw. Get one if you see one at a fair price.

I’ve heard these yoyos are fantastic why dosnt he make more? or atleast sell the rights to another company so more can be made?

Sky Walkers are amazing. Ti Walkers are even better.

Even their worst yoyo, the Battosai is pretty dang good.

Because the name of VsNYYC is forever tarnished. No one wants to go near Heath because of “the works” shenanigans.

For the record, I have nothing against Heath personally. He is a very nice and down to earth guy. Although as a company owner, he messed up big time. That’s why I no longer own any more vs. newton throws. I can’t get past what the company has gone through.

One of the greatest yoyos ever. I had 16 at one time but cut that number in half. I have a few I will never part with since it was my first model of high end yoyos that I feel in love with. I just wish I didn’t buy all mine in the hype era cause you can get them for dirt cheap now. Before a skywalker would sell for 160-230 in a day. Now you see them sitting on the bst for 120. Its sad that the mess Heath cause ruined the image of vsnyyc and the value of the throws but the yoyos dont play and different then they did before this mess so I say go get yourself one you wont regret it.

Skywalker is great.

Possibly unpopular opinion: D bearing Skywalker is even better.

are skywalkers considered to be “floaty” throws?

I say not at all. It’s a middle of the roader, if not on the fast side.

But I think part of what it makes it so universally liked is that it’s not really any one thing more than anything else. It’s just really stable and plays like you would expect it to play.

Play great. Hurt your hand when they come back.

I have a first and second run Skywalker and they are both amazing playing throws! Both are smooth. Heath used to make great yoyos… it’s sad what happened. God Bless - Moefv

They play like a floating erm… dunno.
Please be aware that Heath (owner of VsNYYC) scammed people for a cancer charity by just hogging all the money to himself.

Yes, but one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. The OP is asking about the throws, not the designer. Those people who can’t separate the two confuse me.


What exactly did Heath do ?

Let’s not turn this into one of those threads. Just use the search tool and you’ll find the topics. Back on topic, I didn’t like the Skywalkers I’ve used, I liked the Battosai a lot though lol