get ready moar skywalkers

they have a new color and in motion pics more info when i get it !!!
i hope this is true cause new pics means they must have em

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Heath already said he wasn’t doing another run of skywalkers, and he said if he did it would be the last run of yoyos vs newton ever made.

its the last run i guess because they wouldnt release a new color now?

Heath DOES have a tendency to go back on his word. Just sayin’.

Does anyone else remember when VsNYYC was non-profit? Then heath switched to for profit. He did that so…actually I’ll just post what I found on another forum

“After debating and discussing the idea for awhile with the community, Vs. Newton YoYo Concepts has decided to step away from its original non-profit stance and focus more on expansion and making sure everyone that wants a VsNYYC has the opportunity to try one”

All heath has proven with his new for profit stance is that he’s making money now. Not many people have their hands on VsNYYC (At least when compared to the people that want their hands on it) We’ve seen very little from VsNYYC in the last year. And frankly, I’m not impressed. If Heath thinks he can make more money then I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another run of skywalkers. Hopefully Robbie is right and it’s the last run VsNYYC ever does.

Idk. I don’t know anything. Maybe it’s just from the last run and the OP didn’t notice. Maybe I’m overreacting a bit. Heath has stated on facebook that VsNYYC is going through a complete overhaul. It’s probably just hype, though. Don’t get your hopes up.

Sorry for the rant everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s true!

Oh, I wish I had money…

I wish there was a price on these so I could determine if I want to fight it out on the store buying orgy.

36 mins!!!

It was $110 last time.

Oh, well them I’m down then! That gives me an estimate on price bumps. I’m prepared now!

Best of luck to me! Best of luck to all.

124.99-140$ is the new price shown…

I’m still good then.

My wife is gonna kill me. I hope she uses the DM2 I give to her on Friday to do it though.

ANNDDDD they are gone

White Knight: MINE!!!

Oh, not for sale or trade. And my friend, theroybit, will be the first one to throw it right out of the box.

Took 4 minutes for someone to turn the switch!

Darn! Lag on the site cost me a skywalker!!!

Going to find a hole to crawl into and cry myself to sleep!

i have a old yoduh run and a custom annoed d size one , they are great!!!