VsNYYC Sky Walker: A High Speed YoYo Review

When Heath first dropped the bomb on the yo-yo community and announced Vs. Newton YoYo Concepts, VsNYYC or Vs. Newton for short, I thought he was blowing smoke. I am sure everyone has heard the story about this company. For those who had not, here is a quick recap. Heath had decided to make a completely nonprofit company dedicated to giving back to the yo-yo community. Basically, he is only selling his yo-yos for what it costs him to make them. Before anyone cries foul, Heath is on the up and up when he says it is a nonprofit company and proved it recently by showing the numbers in a YYN post. Along the way Heath hit what appeared to be every bump and set back that he possibly could, including getting so sick that his wife had to post for him on the various forums and his original machinist trying to steal his money. He was also bad mouthed and compared to other well-known scammer manufacturers in the field. Well all have been put in their place. At the 2010 Bay Area Classic, Vs. Newton debuted their first yo-yo the Sky Walker. Now is the time to see if Vs. Newton has what it takes to enter the yo-yo world and play with the big guys. Is the Sky Walker down with the force? Is it a bad to the bone, Sir Alec Guinness Jedi or is it a whiney, Hayden Christensen Jedi desperately in need of a lava bath?

I must warn everyone, this is a long review. Brett and I could not decide who got to review it so we ended up combing our separate reviews into one.

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