Vs. Newton Yoyo

Is it just me or does Vs. Newton Yoyo concepts release absolutely nothing. They only have 2 throws on YYE, the Battosai and the Skywalker and they are both sold out. Is there anything new coming? Does anybody know?

I hears that another run of skywalkers is on its way but nothing definite only rumors

It’s not like companies have to run full-tilt and continuously pump out new yoyos. I’m sure Heath loves the desired exclusivity that allows the yoyos to sell so well. Not to mention, there are other Vs. Newton yoyo models, either produced or in the works, such as the Septopus, MoonWalker, Flying Hut, etc.

I would like to hear more about this but I guess a rumor is a rumor

Heath has stated that a third run of Skywalkers would only come when he is ready to close his business, when he’s done making yoyos for good.

Septopus Leg#2
Ti Walker
Flying Hut (prototype)

It’s not like Heath has only released only two yo-yos. And Flying Hut’s are still in prototyping, so those may release soon…

Most of these yoyo companies are doing something else most of the time, the stuff that pays the bills and let them do the yoyo stuff. The downside is we don’t get as many on the market. The upside is when they do arrive, we all want them. Well, not so good for me, I can never seem to get something in these mad buying rushes!

Look around the shop, it’s not just a VSNYYC thing. Pretty much every high end company has at least a few models that have been sold out for months or more, if not every model.

Battosai - just got one!!!


Most likely from someone in the bst

Your point is well-taken. Most companies are small one-man operations that design and outsource the manufacturing to others. What I think is unfortunate, however, is that VSNYC designs some very impressive products that hardly scratch the surface in terms of satisfying demand. At some point you have to wonder about lost business opportunities.

Yeah, there is a certain cache to scarceness, but when your products are so good, I think it is obvious to everyone that many more runs of SkyWalkers would be eagerly devoured by the market. So why not get OneDrop, or some other outsource manufacturer, to whip up some more? What would be the distraction? What would be the great effort that would take away from “real life”?

How about a few more Ti Walkers? I already have one and I would buy another. Please VSNYC - make more of your old and new great yo-yos! :slight_smile:

Yup! it does have like one ding … ehh doesn’t bother me

Well thing I don’t understand is the ambiguity of it all, there website hasn’t seen a news update since January and the forum hasn’t been posted on since 2011 :stuck_out_tongue: Could at least throw us a bone via, “working on this atm” etc.

You’re just spoiled by the YYF flavor of the day release model. :wink:

There was a time not too long ago that most companies had a new release at most 3-4 times a year.