VsNYYC Skywalker

Im not trying to start a flame war… i just have some questions…

How much did skywalkers run for?? I want an estimate for how much i could sell mine for if i ever decide to…

Also do they only take flowable? They look like they could take snow tires but i could be wrong. Are there any other pads that they can take? I dont particularly like flowable silicone too much.

Depending on the color and such, they were sold between $100-$145. Though that’s not a very good indicator of what you’d be able to get out of one. Most don’t go for much nowadays what with the scandal involving Heath and the fact that people just aren’t buying yoyos very much anymore.

I know about the whole scam with heath… which was a shame because he made some of the best yoyos ever… any idea on the pads?

Definitely. I think my Ti Walker is one of the best yoyos I’ve ever played.

Snow Tires have the same radial dimensions as the Ti/Sky Walker recess, but they are too thick and stick out a tiny bit. But OD Flow Groove pads, Gen-Yo Hat pads, and K-pads work.

Actually, the fact that Heath turned out to be an idiot, should have very little to do with the value of the yoyos
he made. The guy isn’t a serial killer. He just turned out to let selfish motivations get him off course. I have 2 Tiwalkers, three Bats and a Skywalker. And the mean just as much to me and are just as much fun as ever.

All the Church going fingerpointers that are sinless and think Heath should die for crimes against the Planet Earth, are simpletons. And I hope they remember being part of the Lynch Mob when they eventually get caught screwing up somebody’s’ money.


True, but that’s the way it is…And not just with yoyos.

i feel after a while, maybe not any time soon, the demand for them will go up. people wont forget about the situation that happened but they will care less… as for the flow grooves, i put some in and even they are a little too thick, they rub against the string and cause some snaggy binds at times. i swapped out the response from an older yoyo so they were more broken in… worked better, still a little too thick. i guess ill have to deal with it until i get some flowable

hopefully that’s the case. I think people kind of got over the whole thing with rec rev, so I think eventually it’ll all smooth over with vsnyyc as well.

I just think Skywalkers have topped out and they’re on the decline. They were hot for a year or so and now there are many, many more throws on the scene, and multiple runs of the Skywalker during this time decreased rarity. I doubt we’ll ever see the day a Yo-duh commands nearly $200 again, at least not in the foreseeable future.

They’re still worth retail or a little more and probably always will be. So, it’s not like they’ve got some kind of unshakable stigma dragging them down. They just won’t be the hot thing forever.

As far as the pads for it go, flowable is your best bet for a sure fit. Most others seem to be just the tad bit shy of a perfect fit.

Not to get off topic here but regardless of what happend with Vs. Newton I still love my three skywalkers and ti walker. Liking the SB skywalker much more than the LB witch is a shock to me but I have no idea what the SB sold for.

I have heard some people sell off their vs. newton yoyos for dirt dirt cheap after what happend with heath but the skywalker will allways be a yoyo for the history books and I still like mine. I don’t agree with what he did but I don’t take it out on the yo’s.

Ive seen people charge over $200 for moonwalkers and septopuses ( septopi? ) and people still buy them… the things heath did do not take away from how good of yoyos they are… like slade said

Ha, I wish I could get a moonwalker or septopus for 200. I played a septopus once and it is just too good.

First they were the best thing since sliced bread but then we went through that mess with heath so they will die down in popularity for a little bit. Then once some new people start yoyoing and hear about the awesome vs. newton yoyos and the controversy surrounding them we may see the surge for their popularity rise again.

It will be very interesting to see what future there is for vs. newton and their yoyos if there is any. Only time will tell right?

But those aren’t Skywalkers. They’re much rarer. The Moonwalker was never even sold through traditional means. I had to get mine directly from Heath, and I sure wish it was only $200.

I never said anything about Heath’s situation having anything to do with it. I think the Skywalker has just naturally cooled off. It was hugely over-valued over the last 10 months or so, at least with regard to the retail price. That can’t go on forever. There are many new yoyos on the scene and demand has moved on.

So true. The small bearing Skywalker is awesome, and is waaaaay undervalued. I agree that it is better than the large bearing.

ahhhh ok i got you. Yes i agree. Happens to a lot of yoyos. I feel like the Arctic Circle craze is starting to die out… still going sort of strong right now though.