Vs newton

Hey guys. I’m just wondering. Do you guys think that a skywalker is a good trade for an artic circle?

No, not since What Heath did.

We don’t need to go through that story again.

But the YoYo is still good right?

What did Heath do?

We don’t need to go through that story again.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t? it’s not like they play any worse. and plus they won’t be made anymore, so the value should be going up. you wouldn’t hate a child because of what their parents did, would you? but hey if they do go down, then cool. that means I can snag one for cheap.

Both the Skywalker and the arctic circle are fantastic yoyos. I actually just got done trading my Skywalker for an AC. Which ever of the 2 you’re trading, the yoyo you receive will be awesome… At least to me they’re both awesome.

Yes VsNewton’s yoyos were amazing yoyos! They would’ve held their value if Heath didn’t do what he did. VsNewton was gonna make yoyos that were awesome! I still collect them just because they are such amazing yoyos. I don’t care if they hold their value or not what matters to me is the fun I have with yoyos. God Bless - Moefv

Over time I think that the yoyos with appreciate in value, due to their original worth and their rough background. They may be looked at as a piece of history in yoyoing. Regardless… Heath’s yoyos were amazing. Both the AC and the skywalker are in my top 5. You can honestly not go wrong. If the condition is good and the color is cool id snag it. Acrtic circle will probably always be available. Skywalkers will not.

Just search around for it and get ready to start reading a lot.

Shame on Heath why would he do something like that


Of course it depends on the colorway/condition of each, but I’d say go for it. They’re both awesome.

AC > sky walker. That’s just me.


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Skywalker narrowly beats out the AC for me. They’re both fantastic throws though so like others have said, if the condition and colourway is to your liking, go for it!


Gah, I finally figured out what this Heath guy did. Jeez. Google dabes.

Anyway, I never did try any of their yo-yo’s.

We don’t need to dig into what Heath did and dredge up that story again. The past is the past, so move on, move forward.

OK, if we go $$$, the AC s worth more than a Sky Walker. However, we’re talking a price difference of around $40 I think. Wait, I think mine is. Mine’s a Yogi 1st Run AC. My Sky Walker is a last run White Knight.

Performance? Both perform differently. Both are V-type shapes. The AC has different weight distribution and feels more powerful.

At this point, there won’t be any more Sky Walkers produced. What’s out there is out there. With the AC, I’m positive there will be more made. I don’t feel this will devalue the AC’s market-value on the BST market, as they are worth what they are selling for.

If you’re happy wit the trade, that’s all that matters. Both are amazing in their own way. Having a preference, I do like the AC more. The Sky Walker is also a great performer and I’m very happy I managed to get one before VsNYYC shut down. So, go with your gut. If you live near me, you can try both of mine for an A/B comparison.

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Skywalkers are great. Battosais not so much.

I really don’t see why you edited my post. He asked if it would hold it’s value, and I told him that it wouldn’t. I didn’t even state what he did.

Yes. There are still those people who will hold the actions of Heath against his throws forever. However, those people are NOT the ones who dictate the value of a VSNYYC throw. The people who WANT one, do. If they guy wants one, then an AC is a fine trade for a Skywalker. Sorry, but just because Chris wants to charge 25% more for his throws doesn’t make them 25% better than the rest of the yoyos out there.

There I said it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel the AC performs better than the Sky Walker, and the price reflects that improvement in performance(not the extra price I paid for the Yogi though).

However, if anyone disagrees with MY preferences, that is THEIR preferences and it is 100% as valid as mine.

Either way, nobody is getting my Sky Walker or AC off me!

Yeah, we’re definitely on opposite sides af the fence on this one. I’ve always felt that VSNYYC was better than any CLYW. Still is. Price does not, and should not dictate the merit of the yoyo. But, what do I know? I’m not impressed by splashes and my favorite color yoyo is yellow.