general yo question


i traded two yoyos for a general yo klr and hat trick. i was just wondering how much value these hold in a trade? are they sought after? or are they just bleh? i feel like such a noob haha. thanks in advance :slight_smile:


General Yos are pretty sought after.



Depends on condition, grade, color, etc. They’re fairly sought after, although less now than they were a year or so ago, or a few months ago in the case of the KLR.

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They are one of the most sought after smaller companies in the yoyo industry as well as makers of the highest quality products out there. You will not be disspointed at all and no matter what you traded for those, the deal was in your favor. Congratulations buddy, you’ll love your new throws.


what did you trade for them? The Hatrick is a great yo, about 40 bucks on the B/S/T mint. The KLR if its not a B-grade, could be like 150 tops? They don’t go for that much often though. I would never trade my hatrick for any throw in the world. period. if someone offered me 2 chiefs and puffin, i wouldn’t take it.

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I don’t think I would either.


awesome. i traded an arctic circle and a skywalker. thanks for the help everyone!


in that case, i dont know if you made such a good deal. AC plus Skywalker is worth bunches more than what you traded for bro. (thats actual value)


Yeah. It really comes down to preference. The AC and Skywalker are both excellent, competitive throws, while the KLR is excellent but IMO the Hatrick is more for fun than competitions.

The AC is worth ~130, the Skywalker is about 130 as well AFAIK.

The Hatrick is worth ~80 mint and the KLR is ~80 mint. (probably ~40 if it is a b-grade)


Wish i had some GenYo to trade you… lol.


Hatricks go for around 30 MIB, definitely not 80


Really? Never knew they were that cheap nowadays.

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OP, I’ll buy your Hatrick for $30 if you’d like. Depending on colorway.


It really saddens me :-[ I would never sell my hatrick, ESPECIALLY with how cheap they are now a days.


Yeah. I have a BA Hatrick that’s stripped and I’ve been quite frustrated with not being able to use it. Now that I know they go that cheap, I am DEFINITELY going to try to get my hands on another one. Maybe a USA edition that I’ve wanted for so long…