General-Yo : Hatrick/KLR/Essesce-Torrent II... sold for $195 on eBay

Hey everybody! I’m saving up for a very nice throw, so I have a few of my extra General-Yo for sale.

This is a mint hatrick. It has been used less than 15 minutes, the beadblast isn’t even worn down yet. For a five year old throw,this is pretty much as mint as you’ll get. $115 shipped individually.

Next up is a half essence/ half torrent 2. This was made by the owner of General-Yo, “It was proof that two sides of a yoyo didn’t have to be the same size or weight to be dead smooth.” If you don’t believe me, I will gladly forward you the conformation email. Note, there was never a production run black torrent 2. $70 shipped individually.

Next up is a 1/2 unengraved clear KLR. It has the rim damage all around, with the polish. Fantastic for 5A. Has a konkave bearing and fresh hatpads (month old). Has very minimal vibe on fingernail test, for you picky folk. It does not affect play. $45 shipped individually.

Offer on either, but a better price on a package deal!

$175 takes it all.

To the top!

Bump! $225 takes it all!

Hatrick up!



Bump! $200 takes it all!



Cmon guys!

This can’t get better.

Bump. Happy Easter everyone.