Can someone give me a link and a review?

PLEASE!!! :wink:

Review- http://theyo.com/yoyo/showthread.php?p=620558

Picture- Nevermind, they’re in the review! ;D

Hope I helped!

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Here are pics of mine:

In a review I read it says it has hubs is that true? ???
And do you like it better than a dv888?
Please and thank you. :slight_smile:

Did Ernie give you that one too?

Nope. I bought it.

No hubstacks. Just spikes. I like it much better than my Dv888.

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Thanks, where would I buy one, yye doesn’t sell them so i’m sure you could give me a link. :slight_smile:

They’re not out yet.

How did you buy one?

I bought one from Ernie. We live about 20 minutes from each other.

Thanks :wink:

It’s the most incredible yoyo I’ve ever had my hands on. I know for sure they’ll be sold at onedropyoyos.com very, very soon.

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One more question. How much will it be when it comes out and would it be sold at generalyo.com?

Ernie does not have plans to distribute directly from his website as far as I know. Generally he sells through onedropyoyos.com, yoyonation.com, and a few international websites.

I’d expect the price range to be between $95 and $100, like all of General-Yo’s yoyos, although I cannot say for sure. I believe the pricing is really up to the distributor in the end.

Ok it’s a little more than I expected but I gues I can save up a few more bucks I was looking for something around $75.

You’ll be happy you saved the additional bit for however much it sells. It’s more than worth it.

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Thanks again. :wink:

The Hatrick is the best yo-yo I’ve thrown in my life… so smooth. It grinds amazingly. I got one at Nationals. I think they will be $100, I got mine for that. But I don’t know for sure.

Man I want one SOOO BAD!!! But I only have $65!!!
Ahhhh I need a JOB!!!
lol ;D