Hatrick Review

                                                                    [i][b]Hatrick Review[/b][/i]

Intro: Well, most of you who know me know that I am crazy for the 5 Star. Then, I heard that Generalyo was coming out with a new yoyo. I went nuts! I wanted to buy one sooo bad! Well, I finally got one. I can’t stop playing with it! I had to strap myself to a chair just to write this review! :stuck_out_tongue: I am really excited to write a review of the Generalyo Hatrick.


41.4mm Width

50.3mm Diameter

64 grams

4.3mm gap

Looks/First Impressions: Ok, this yoyo has a very common shape. It looks like a Cream. I was kind of sad. As much as I love my Cream, it doesn’t have great rim weight. It has about as much balance as an 888. So, I was kind of depressed. I thought: Ok, this yoyo will not have great balance, I am now officially sad. Generalyo makes simple colors on their yoyos, such as solid army green. I like that, it kind of fits in with the whole army theme. Even though the colors are simple, it still looks pretty cool! This yoyo says," I will not win you over by looks, I will win you over by how well I play." Even though I thought I might not like the Hatrick, I bought one anyway. With Ernie making such an awesome yoyo like the 5 Star, I just had to buy a Hatrick!

Tech: I love the response system on my Hatrick! The Hatrick uses a new pad called the Hat Pad. I think it is a huge improvement. It is not snaggy, and has nice snappy binds! So far it is my favorite response. Oh, and if you stack the Hat pads, they fit in your CLYYW yoyos! Generalyo thinks of the player. Some people want pads, and some want flowable silicone. Well, why not give them an option?!? The recess can also accept flowable silicone if you do not like pads! AIRG bearings rock! They don’t make much noise, they are smooth, and they are just a great bearing. The Hatrick has a nice wide gap too. It is not huge, but it is most defiantly wide enough. Ernie made sure he had a polished recess area so the Hatrick would not be a string eater. Oh, and it has a nice ID slot that is just as good as the ID slot on the 5 Star. Yeah, I know, Ernie is extremely awesome like that.

On a Throw: WOW!!! It floats and gives you an extra split second to catch a suicide, or do a double Brent Stole off a trapeze. It helps a lot! Not only is it floaty, but it is also fast. It urges you to speed up any trick you do. I love it! It goes in and out of gaps really easy. It is also really forgiving on a bad throw. Before I forget, I have to mention its smoothness! The Hatrick and the 5 Star are the smoothest yoyos I have. Oh, and remember how on the looks/first impressions I was sad because I thought this thing would not be stable? Well, this thing is just as stable as the 5 Star! It has perfect rim weight, and it has the best ID slot I have tried! It is so easy to pop into a thumb grind that it is scary. But, the bead blast finish is even scarier! It feels like butter and runs in place on your palm forever. I could go on and on about how darn good the bead blast is! This yoyo is fast and pushes the limit on the word awesome. Oh, and last but not least, the Hatrick has spikes! I have never tried a yoyo with spikes but I like it! It allows you to hold the yoyo by its spikes like hubstacks! It is pretty awesome!

Final Thoughts: The Hatrick is my new favorite yoyo! It gets everything I loved about the 5 Star and made it better! Such as adding spikes and putting a different response system on it. I think everyone should give it a shot and it should belong in every collector’s yoyo bag. In my opinion, buying the Hatrick was the best $120 bucks I have ever spent on a yoyo! Even though Generalyo may not have a lot of yoyos out, I think they have some of the best yoyos out! I thought the 5 Star would remain my favorite yoyo until it was year 2099. But I guess I was wrong, I like the Hatrick a little better. So, like I said, give the Hatrick a shot. Hopefully you will like it as much as me!

Final Comments:

  • Ernie rocks! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

  • Make sure to give the Hatrick a shot.

Overall Score: I can not find anything negative. It is currently my favorite yoyo. I like the response, the weight, the ID gap, the spikes, and the shape. If I had the power to change something of the Hatrick I could not find anything to change. So, I give this yoyo a ten out of ten, and two thumbs up! 10/10

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Here are some more pics! :wink:

Oh, and yes, I have a special eddition Hatrick! I call it the super mini bad butt addition. :smiley:

It is the only one in the world! :o I know, you are so jelous.

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And more! ;D

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Nice review. I have a one of a kind too. :smiley:

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This is probably the best review you’ve made yet!

Keep it up!

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Thanks, what does yours look like Samad?

Red/Gold. Like a YWET, and it has the BA logo.

That’s cool!

Pics in this blog: http://samadyye.blogspot.com/

yoyolvr has one simalar to that. It is gold and silver, but not bead blasted. It is a bad butt eddition. Mine is the only one with a small scull. (i think) But yeah, gold with red is a great combo! Looks tight! :wink:

Great review! The Hatrick is so awesome. I have a production run.

Nah it wasn’t. Ernie showed me a couple in person, I believe. The SUPER BA editions are the LE ones sold at Nats, I think. I bought mine from him in person. :stuck_out_tongue:

I Freaking love Ernie man. lol

Urgh! Why must you make me want to spend $120 on a small block of metal?! WHY?! >:( YOU ANGER ME!!

I love the Hatrick. That’s why I ended up with two :]

epic review bro. like i said before, you did a great job.

bead blased???
define please.

Its like a small jet of glass beads shot at the yoyo to make tiny “dents” in the surface in order to reduce friction when grinding.

Yes, and in other words it makes great grinding surfaces! :slight_smile: